Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dave drops by.

The extreme heat that Ontario has been having seems to have lifted and we are enjoying a bit cooler weather today. I really love it not only for me but for my poor old dog.  Kane has been unable to be outside very much for days now. It's just too hot for him. Now he can keep us company while we work around the property and not drop over from heat stroke.

Dave came by yesterday to say "howdy".

He is such a darling cat and spends most of his time hunting on our property or his owner's fields just over our fence. His owners own 160 acres so he will never run out of mice, moles, chippies or birds. I'm not a fan of cats killing things and you know how I feel about birds, so I keep him away from our feeders. Only once last spring did I find a pile of feathers on the path at the back of the lot. I'm not saying it was Dave but I wouldn't bet that it wasn't. I'll do what I can by shooing him from their feeding spots. But, he's gonna do what he's gonna do.

He is such a little charmer, though.
                                                            Just look at this mug.

I'm still picking tomatoes off the vine and eating tomato sandwiches What can be better than a freshly picked tomato partnered with a cucumber from my daughter's garden, fresh lettuce, lots of pepper on multi-grain bread. And......a cup of hot tea. It's heaven. Think I'll have another one tomorrow. lol

hugs, Deb


  1. It has cooled off a bit here to thank goodness ! Lovely photos . Miggs keeps a lot of the feral cats we have around away from my feeders . Oh I love fresh garden veggies , we get ours from a fellow employee at Papa's work who also runs a veggie farm YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !.

  2. Dave does have a cute face...stay away from the cheeps though =)
    Tomato sandwiches sound delicious.

  3. Oh my goodness...he is just beautiful! I love that face and his coat...gorgeous.

  4. That Dave is a beautiful cat. Glad the weather cooled off so Kane can be outside . We are having more hot humid weather now. Smokey is a hunter too and has killed three mice. He leaves them on the rug at the front door. He has killed a couple of birds and it breaks my heart to find them...especially the young cardinal he killed.

  5. Dave is definitely a handsome guy! The tomato/cucumber sandwich sounds delicious... I've been enjoying "salad subs" from Subway -- maybe not as fresh as your tomatoes but still awfully good!

  6. Mmm . . . those tomato sandwiches sound yum! Nice to have the weather cooling off -- same here, and so nice to have the windows open again.

  7. My favorite is a tomato and basil sandwich. If I have pesto (vs. mayo) all the better. Bacon optional (though a decadent treat) and homemade bread -- the best!

    Dave is beautiful. He may be your bird stalker but if you're as vigilant as you can be, what more can you do? Especially when he's a charmer!

  8. Dave is a looker! I'd fall in love with that face any day. There is nothing like a fresh, home grown tomato. I'm always so sad when the tomatoes give up in July ... it just gets too darn hot. I refuse to buy a tomato in the grocery ... they just don't taste like a tomato!
    Hugs and purrs and a special hug to Kane.....

  9. That is a handsome mug!
    Enjoy your tomato sandwiches Deb! hahaha!
    Lots of Mayo I hope...
    Linda :o)