Sunday, September 13, 2015


Today is a day to celebrate. Audacious Audrey turns 4.

Here are a few fun photos of the birthday girl. :)

                                            2 months old. Her introduction to the cat-dancer.

                                                          "Where's my cake?"

                                                        Her glamorous side.
                                   She's a genius at hiding.

 The wheels are turning. No telling what she's planned for her day.
"Happy Birthday, Audrey.
Have fun but go easy on us. :-b"

hugs, Deb & the retired-guy

p.s. The power just went out. Could it be? lol


  1. Ah! Bless! Audrey! Audrey! Audrey!x
    I'm over~whelmed...My whelmed has
    never been so over!!!

    I'm going downstairs Audrey!x And make
    a cup of lemon tea, and celebrate your
    Burfday with a chocolate muffin! Only
    wish l could send you some....
    Happy Burfday Sweet Lady...Happy Burfday!

  2. Happy Birthday you beautiful Audrey

  3. Four years old??? It seems like it was just yesterday ... Annie and her babes lucky enough to find you. Happy Birthday, AA!

  4. It could be! It seems that Audrey is full of surprises. Happy Birthday sweet Audrey.

  5. A very Happy Birthday wish to Audrey!

  6. Happy Birthday dear sweet Audrey! You have charmed your way into so many hearts.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Happy Birthday, Audrey! What a sweetie you are beneath that glare and attitude.

  8. Happy Birthday, you adorable girl!
    Audrey, you bring so much enjoyment into so many lives (especially Deb!)
    I hope you got extra treats and maybe some new toys too.

  9. Happy Birthday Audrey!
    From Tux, Julie, Rose, and Ghost

  10. Oh, hope you have had a happy birthday, Audrey. You are such a diva but we all love you, perhaps now you are 4 you will learn to behave but I doubt it. I have watched you grow and your staff look after you so perhaps tomorrow you could let them both sleep in. You know it makes sense. xxx

  11. Happy 4th Birthday sweetie!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  12. Happy Birthday darling little saucy minx!

  13. Happy Birthday, Audrey! I hope you were spoiled more than usual with a yummy treat or two!

  14. Happy Birthday pretty kitty ! Our Harley turned 7 last month time goes fast that's for sure . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening ,

  15. Gosh, four years with this amazing cat! She is such an interesting girl. I hope she didn't have anything to do with the power...???

  16. Happy b-day, Audrey!!
    purrs and ear scritches coming your way.

  17. I ADORE your Audrey! I suspect she has a personality which will remain forever young!

  18. Happy happy birthday sweet Audrey!! From your biggest south Carolina fan!! Scratch scratch purr purr!!

  19. Happy Birthday Miss Audrey - how can you be four already? We hope you have a long life full of love.

  20. Happy birthday to Audrey! The time flies so fast; were you ever a kitten, you beautiful cat? So long ago, it seems. Or was it yesterday?

  21. These photos are a real hoot! I love Ms. Audrey and I hope her birthday was lovely! Knowing Audrey, she had her cake -- and ate it, too!

  22. The cat and the lampshade made my day. I miss the randomness of where cats decide to sit. We are moving and friends have suggested we get a barn cat. That would never work for would turn into a house cat in a day and very sadly we have too many family members with cat allergies. I need to stop by here ore often!