Monday, September 7, 2015

Granny's bling

The smallest bedroom in my grandmother's old, white, clapboard house held a large bureau with a mirror that hung behind it on the wall. That was where my gran kept a box of her jewellery. This was the bedroom that the kids would sleep in while visiting; sometimes three in a double bed. I loved to look through the old jewellery box  and would quickly hold a piece up to my ear or along my neck to see what it looked like on.  It was a mystery to me why my less than flamboyant gran would even own such glitter. I never once saw a piece on her, ever. Perhaps much of it was her mother's who may have liked to wear such things. I would try to picture her wearing it with her lips painted red.

There was a window next to the dresser that looked out the front of the house and down to the road. That was where the old well  is that you see in many of my photos now. It was painted white back then, too.

My fall feeder is fixed and in order once again.

I love the memories that flow through my mind as I go about the day here. Some as vivid as if it was yesterday.
                                                       Chickadee stopped by for tea. :)

                                                            My newest feeder.
                                                           Someone please stop me.

 Today it is hot and humid. So much so that I cleaned out the birdbath and filled it with cold water for the birds, watered everything twice and then went to the local market to buy some pumpkins.  Just having them around makes me happy and excited for fall to arrive. The colours of fall are so beautiful. The old maple above the bench will be a brilliant orange and red before long. The property will be ablaze with red, orange and gold when the maple leaves turn their colours. It's quite the sight to see. I only hope I can capture it for you with my old, worn out camera. Perhaps it's time to go shopping and put this Canon Power Shot pocket camera to rest.

Today at the old pump.

                                                   The retired-guy being, well, retired.

"Happy Labour Day" to everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. The jewelry pieces remind me of my grandma's. I love the tea cup bird feeder; did you make it?

  2. Lovely photos ! every thing looks great there . My mum used to wear broaches like that every now and then when getting dolled up for what ever special event her and my dad went to . I do like the tea cup and saucer feeder . Oh I know I went feeder crazy a few years ago had to have all kinds as they were so cute lol but now I have ones that squirrels and racoons cant break lol ! It is a scorcher again today , looking forward to some cooler temps hopefully by the end of the week . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. My grandmother had a jewelry box like that... I can remember many many times sitting on her bed and going thru it. She didn't seem to mind.. It was mostly if not all costume jewelry... By far my favorite piece was a necklace and earring set of Northern Lights or Aroura Borealis ... Made of glass i think gorgeous.. I inherited that box of jewelry and i'am not beyond sitting on my bed to this day and spend a few lovely minutes handling the pieces... And like you most of it i cannot picture my grandma wearing... Perhaps when they were much younger... Hugs! deb

  4. The jewelry reminds me of a time long ago too.
    Really liking the sitting area around the pump.
    The bird feeders too :)
    Nancy and the kkitties

  5. I am not a jewelry wearer at all but I LOVE vintage broaches. Just love 'em! I have a small chair in my bedroom with a little pillow on which several of these type broaches are pinned. It always makes me happy to see them. (Also have another little pillow with cat pins on it.)
    I'm chomping at the bit to see autumn photos of your new home. The colours will be unreal! I want to put out pumpkins but the heat here would absolutely cook them into pie.

  6. I love that bird feeder!! So cute! I have a bunch of those old brooches...think I will dig them out for fall! I love that green one pictured.

  7. Here, we're receiving an early taste of autumn. The day is cool and cloudy. I can't wait to see your pictures of autumn in the countryside.

  8. Your garden looks very inviting! Beautiful!

  9. Ooh, I like Kari's comment about pinning my cat pins to a pillow for display! It's still pretty hot around here; am trying to soak it up.

  10. I love the new bird feeder too. You have created such a pretty spot there. I can't wait to see that maple tree when the leaves are colored. Just doesn't look right to see the Retired Guy resting. :)

  11. Your cozy sitting area looks perfect for taking a break in the shade with your retired guy and watching birds. Seems a good spot for reminiscing too.

    I remember my grandma's jewelry box too and don't recall her wearing much of what was in her box either. I think my grandkids just might say the same about the baubles in my jewelry box. Guess my grandma was usually busy with practical stuff and wearing bright jewelry would not have suited her every day wear . Me, I love to wear pretty jewelry when I garden ~ makes me happy.

  12. The cup makes for an unusual feeder!

    It feels better today, in terms of humidity, than it did over the holiday weekend. Hopefully that's the end of the real heat.

  13. Great post. You have a very enjoyable blog!