Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grandkitties & grandittles.

Little peachy-paws

This is Audrey's sister, Ruby.
Ruby owns my daughter Jess, her husband Mike & little Gwynn.
We were there today for a visit and Ruby was in her usual cuddly mood.
She is very much like her mom, Annie in not only her looks but her personality, too.

It's been a fun few days with our grandittle, Gwynn.
She was out to the mouse-house to check on the last little tomatoes and gather them up in her pink pail.
And, if there is water in the bird dish...well...she has to make sure it's the right temperature. :)
She had a fun morning feeding the birds, collecting stones and carrying them in her pumpkin purse, chasing Dave, the neighbour's cat and trying on lots of nan's bracelets.
We made tomato sandwiches which she loved and she gave nan's apple cake a thumbs up.
She's two years old now. She's joyful, affectionate, energetic and curious as a cat.

Tomorrow I am with all three grandittles as
we celebrate Brad's 3rd birthday.

I'm hoping for blue skies and for this crazy, wild wind to calm down tonight.
Outdoor parties always work better with the little ones, don't you think?

hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, your *grandittles* are adorable... and of course Ruby is pretty cute too!

  2. Your Grandlittles and your Grandkitties are sweet .....just like you!
    Isn't this the best time of your life? Love my family and my kitties too!
    Hope the weather works in your favor...and have fun!

  3. Ah! Bless! Lovely!
    And Ruby is like her Mum..! And Audrey!
    As we all know by now is quite unique..!x
    Audrey! Audrey! Where are you....! :).

    And Happy Burfday to young Brad...My Burfday
    tomorrow..Though that will be Monday! Mind you
    it did start Friday..HeHe! And, l've 10 for dinner

    Lovely photos Deb....!

  4. Hi Deb, your grandlittles are too sweet! And I loved seeing Audrey's sister, Ruby! Enjoy your special outing tomorrow. Jo

  5. Me think you look so perfect with Ruby =^~^=
    Happy Sunday

  6. Wonderful photos ! It is a lovely sunny morning here this morning dewy the temps were 8C at 7 am but they are rising to a comfy 20C gona be a prefect day out there hope it is for your grandsons Happy Birthday party . .I love outdoor parties . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Lovely pix of the grandchildren - know they bring a lot of fun to life! Hope the party is a great time for all.
    Cuddly Ruby is adorable - you have some beautiful grey kitties in the family.

    I mentioned you on my post about the oil painting yesterday Deb!
    Have a great day - Mary

    P.S. Deb, several of your pix in your sidebar are not opening for some reason - perhaps you should check this - just squares with the blue ?

  8. They Grands are adorable but don't they grow up so fast! Gwynn is 2 and Brad is 3? I remember when Riley was born, I had just started following your blog! Enjoy the day with these precious one's!


  9. Ruby is a definite winner with those peachy paws. What a sweet looking kitty. I hope the little humans have a great party!

  10. Ruby's a sweetie!

    I wonder what Dave thinks about being chased by Gwynn!