Thursday, September 10, 2015

Uncovering another treasure (to me) & my sweet chickadees

An old nesting box. 

We found it close to where the old coop was. It was broken but we have all the pieces.
I remember them being lined up on shelves in the old coop; tiny banty hens mostly filling them. There were around twelve of them, six on each shelf.

My gran had regular chickens & a rooster or two but the banties were my favorite.
That was fifty years ago. So, now it's a 'treasure' to me.

There was fifty year old chicken poop in there so I cleaned it up and washed it and now it is drying in the sun.

The retired-guy says he'll put it back together for me. When he has time. Lord knows, he has nothing to do. lol
We've talked about getting a few chicks once the construction is all over with. They would be for eggs only, I have made that clear. The retired-guy knows they will become pets, have names and he'll have to include them in the family unit. He just shakes his head but he hasn't put the idea aside.

One of my favorite places to be is right in amongst the bird feeders. There is a certain time of day the chickadees are active and don't mind me being there.

(taken this morning) 

I wish I could show you how they flit around me as they travel from one feeder to another. I tried to take photos but if I move at all they're gone again. I can talk to them; just not move. haha!

I can still recognize the babies from this summer. They are a wee bit smaller and their black caps are not as flat. 

We are moving more junk from the back and cleaning out the area where the old coop was. The wood from the coop is neatly stacked and waiting to be used again someday. And the spot that we have cleared will hold perennials next year and maybe a few new trees.
We'll also use some of our rocks from the construction to decorate and make a small rock garden.

Kane and I discovered something that I'll show you next time.

 hugs, Deb


  1. I love those old butter boxes. I keep books in mine. How lovely you found one.
    Chickadees are one of my favourite birds too. They seem to have no fear. As I type this I can hear them in the feeders.
    Have a great day.

  2. Sweet find Deb!
    Love your chickadees!
    Are you growing your hair? Wish I could get the nerve to get a nice short blunt cut!
    Weather is glorious...miss V almost ready for her nappy poo!
    Have a great day...and enjoy your weekend....
    Thanks for your lovely comments♥️
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda - no, still short. And it will stay that way for fall. I only get so far with growing it, too, and then off it goes. :-b

  3. Deb, I think you would love the chickens and yes they would be pets. Hope you decide to get them!

  4. Back when boxes were boxes. What did it originally contain?

    1. I think it says Canadian Butter made in Quebec.

  5. The first chickadee shot really stands out, Deb!

    1. Thanks William. I was happy with that one. :)

  6. I love the nesting box! What a fun thing to have all cleaned up and put back together!

    Our chickadees are the same way...babies still a little smaller than the fun to watch them! They have the sweetest little voices. I bet you'll have them eating straight from your hand this winter!

  7. Oh I can totally see you as a chicken lady lol ! We had banty's on the farm I had a banty for a pet and named her Charlotte yup from my favorite childhood story book Charlotte's Web ! The Chickadees are the same here to I move their gone I stay still and they are ok with me and with me also talking to them soon they will get used to you the more you are near them and they actually come down to see you as they are curious birds . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing have a good evening !

  8. It's a lovely nesting box, I seem to have a little collection of boxes with manufacturing company names on the sides, advertising at it's best...
    Hoping you are able to get a few laying hens, my daughter has several and each has their own personality.
    Beautiful sweet Chickadees such pretty plumage.

  9. Chickens would totally love you and be under your feet all the time. Bet you would have them all spoiled. I love the old wooden box. Those are hard to find any more. It must be fun finding treasures that your grandmother used on the farm.

  10. What a great box to find! Love chickadees!

  11. I want to clone your retired guy! The Hubby does want another cat, not a bird, not a dog, not not not! Grrr....

  12. I love finding old things--your box is quite a find! Happy weekend, dear friend, XOXO

  13. What a delightful find! Especially so for all of the happy memories the go with it.