Thursday, September 17, 2015


I have been back to my morning walks now that it's a bit cooler and have found a wonderful route that takes me down beautiful tree-lined country roads. I sometimes take a right and head into a new development where the roads are paved and the homes are gigantic. 
Just for some know.
I won't photograph the homes because I don't want to be arrested. lol
Believe me, they are multi-million dollar homes.

Every day, along the way, while listening to our melodic song birds, I find a gorgeous feather.
They are like little gifts from above.
Perhaps a "thank you" for all the nuts, seeds and cool drinks that I've provided over the last two seasons. 

If the birds only knew that just having them around is thank you enough. :)
Now...about those squirrels. haha!

I have quite a collection of these soft, delicate treasures from above.
In a perfect little box.

I ran into some wild turkeys this morning and thought they might be the same family that visit us.
 So they dine at our feeders and then head in to the affluent part of town to see what they might have. lol. Well, if it is them, they look good and obviously well fed.

Returning from my hour walk, I see that not everyone has the energy needed to greet the morning.
 "Are you ever getting up today, Annie?"

She's going to think on it.

hugs, Deb


  1. I pick up feathers on my walks, too. Little messages from above....
    I think Annie has the right idea.

    Purrs and hugs ....

  2. What a beautiful area!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Fun to walk through the ritzy neighborhood! haha....I wonder what they think of the wild turkeys coming through!

    I love the pumpkin carving photo on your sidebar! Just perfect!

  4. The turkeys must make their daily rounds!

    I think Annie strongly feels that a good nap is in order before that.

  5. There are many mornings I leave the house with the girls still in the bed

  6. You are so smart to walk for an hour! Annie looks like she didn't even know you had left the house.