Thursday, September 24, 2015

Transforming the step-back.

As much as I love my blue and white china I say "so long" once fall arrives.

Sierra and I were busy last night changing up the old step-back.
She's such a girl sometimes. :)

The fall colours are so heart-warming, refreshing and just all-around gorgeous.

My newest little fox.
He has a gorgeous bushy tail.

Oh dear, I have over-worked her again.

I'm off for my walk.
Have a good day.

I'm joining for Home Sweet Home.


  1. Love your china cabinet... and the fall colors! Cute fox too!

  2. Sierra did an excellent job of snoopervising your new autumn decorations! Very pretty indeed.

  3. The new fox suits me!

    Supervising humans can be so tiresome!

  4. A very nice look. I like the inclusion of the apples; a nice touch. And yes, please be more considerate of Sierra. She tires so easily. Apparently.

  5. What a great decorating team you and Sierra make - and she didn't even chew on that adorable little fox or bushy-tailed squirrel! You have such pretty things for your step-back Deb - enjoy each autumn moment.

    Mary -

  6. So cheery and charming! I will launch into full force fall next week. You're right on top of things!

  7. You are so smart. I never think to do things like that. The fall colors are so pretty. There is just something about an old cupboard that warms my heart. I'm sure Sierra made the job more enjoyable.

  8. Sierra certainly excelled herself and rearranging your fall colors. I love the fox!

  9. I love the change and yes Fall is really here!

  10. I love that cabinet and your fall colours to ! Oh dear poor kitty all tuckered out from all that work ... WATCHING !! lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. So nice! I love the change for the season!

  12. Can you tell us a bit about your orange tea cups? It would be terribly difficult to be depressed in the presence of orange. Such s happy colour. I love orange and autumn is the only time of the year I feel confident using it. Speaking of loving. We love sweet, precious Sierra lots.

    1. Hi Kari: The orange cups were found on a shelf in a quaint little health food store in the town we lived in before moving to our property. I saw them and had to have them. They did the same for me...made me feel happy. They are called Old Amsterdam Porcelain Works. Sierra sends her love. =^..^=

  13. It's always fun to have such an attentive 'helper'! Love your cupboard and your beautiful pottery:) and your new fox! x karen

  14. You and Sierra did a lovely job esp with pops of orange

  15. Your cupboard looks so pretty! Thank for joining Home Sweet Home!