Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Glimpses of the coming fall at the mouse house.

No matter where you look here, fall is on it's way.

Mornings bring fog and cooler temperatures.

I cut the grass in the middle of the day yesterday and did not die from the heat.
See the teeny red leaf on the sumac. Soon they will all be a brilliant red.
The cats are wanting to be close now in the mornings when the cooler breeze comes in the windows.
                        They are my company when I blog.

It's getting dark by 8 p.m. now. I do miss the long, warm evenings but I am so ready for the beauty of autumn.
Mums at the old well.
Another September beauty.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love the morning photo...and the red on the Mouse House....just love it!!!

  2. Hi Deb, as you enter your autumn, spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere. I love the photo of the cats on your desk. Reminds me of my own. Greetings, Jo

  3. The mouse house is so warm and cozy looking. I love the red. We are having another hot day here...just when I thought fall was here!

  4. I too love the red on the Mouse House. For some reason that surprised me - your picking out red.

  5. And they make for such good company too!

  6. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, unfortunately down here in s.e. FL I don't get to enjoy it as you northerners do.

    Thanks for sharing your beauty and your sweet felines ~ FlowerLady

  7. The mouse house looks heavenly! Oh, for a cool breeze! ((Sigh))

  8. We're dark by 8:00, too...that's the first thing I've noticed. We're still hot and humid and green...but it won't be long!

  9. Sigh.... summer went too fast for me this year!!!

  10. Love the shot of the Mouse House!
    The countdown is on....
    Linda :o)

  11. How exciting for you planning your new home! Your carriage house is so darling and seems very cozy to me! A beautiful view you have too! Happy autumn to you!

  12. Wow, that final photograph is beautiful. I think you should stay in the mouse-house! What a wonderful little home.

  13. Lovely photos ! Here it is foggy and as humid as heck seems very day is more humid then the last really YUKKY ! I am soo looking forward to the coolness of fall . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  14. Hi Deb,

    Thanks for popping over...always lovely to make new friends.

    Your cats are sweet! And, your lawn is gorgeous!! So lush and green.

    Yay....Fall is on the way. :-)


  15. Love the photo with all three felines ♥
    I'm looking forward to cool, brisk autumn days =)

  16. I'm surprised you've had a hot summer. It's been so cool and rainy here that I never bothered to put the air conditioners in. Still, I'm looking forward to fall and only hope the tomatoes will finally ripen before the frost.