Saturday, August 29, 2015

Seeing RED

View from my little bench under the maple tree.

We picked up a variety of sample bottles of stain, applied it to a board and waited an hour or so to see the real colour.
Why does it never look like it does in the can once applied?
It took seven tries and a mix of two stains to find the colour we wanted.

Once we got the colour, we bought 6 gallons of the stain and the mouse-house got her new outfit.

First we stained all the boards.
He's having soooo much fun.

Me...not so much. I'd rather be petting a cat, gardening or walking my dog but I pitched in where I could.
It's hot and ice-cream would be good right now.

Almost there.

Then the battens were cut, stained and we are now adding them to the mouse-house.

We are almost done but I thought I'd show you how it looks so far.
We still have a few to add to the front and sides.

We'll be changing the trim to an off-white colour when we are done the battens.
The main house will be built to the right of the mouse-house
and attached by a breeze-way.
Right now, we live above the double garage.
That's my teeny kitchen window.

 If you have been following along for awhile you are probably wondering when we are building the main house. The plan was to build this summer but we had some delays that were out of our hands and in the mean-time found a design of a home that we liked better than the one we had designed last year.
Different house..different construction company.
So, we will be starting to build in the spring of 2016.

We find the mouse-house to be comfortable, albeit very small, but I think we'll manage awhile longer in this tiny dwelling. The animals are quite settled and don't seem to be bothered by the small space. Well, I'm not sure what Audrey would say about that.
There should be no complaints from them...they run the show.
(above the stairs)

I'm so happy to have come across the house-design that we just found recently because I LOVE it and it has everything my little heart desires.
The other design was lovely but one thing that bothered me was that I could not have a window over the kitchen sink. It just wouldn't work in that kitchen so I settled. :( Not good.
And I was not 100% happy with the front view because of how this design would sit on the lot.
But, I figured I'd get used to it. I settled again. :(
Now I am so excited about this new design and nowhere am I settling. I wouldn't change a thing and love it from the ground up.

 I just need the strength to get through a whole winter
in the mouse-house.
I have days where it bothers me and I get down about it so I need to focus on planning our Spring build.
Mind you, if this winter goes by as quickly as our summer just did, well, I should be fine. :)
It probably won't, though.
So, I have to rely on the fact that I'm strong, durable, resilient, sturdy, well-built :-b with industrial strength and I'm rugged.
In other words...I'm a tough 'ol broad. ;-)
I'll be fine.

hugs, Deb


  1. Obviously, you have a lot of your grandmother in you! Nice red on the mouse house!

  2. I think the red is a beautiful color....warm and cozy and inviting.!
    All the best with your house building, one more winter isn't that much, considering you'll be getting the house you really want in the end.
    Sweet kitty beds, I'm sure they are happy and settled.

  3. I love the color of the stain! It really makes the mouse house look great! I know you can make it through the winter and just take a few well deserved breaks out and about if you need too.

  4. There HAS to be a window over the's the law (well, it should be).
    Jane x

  5. I love the wood and stain on the mouse house....that is top notch quality and absolutely gorgeous! And how fun to find a new plan that you love even more! It will be well worth the wait and I'm thinking taking the winter off before starting the house will be a good thing. Anticipation is half the fun! It's all very exciting!

  6. Love the color, Deb! It's really coming along. I wouldn't think a winter in the mouse-house to be too bad. I know it's small, but as long as it's warm and cozy...
    It's all a great adventure that will culminate in the place of your dreams, right? And I too think a short (I did say short) winter break might be a good thing. You'all have been going pretty strong. And thanks for taking us on the journey with you!

  7. Love the red stain, looks good!! The winter will be a good time to rest up and finalize your plans, bloom where you are planted.....

  8. Love the "finish" to the mouse house. You WILL be fine. Not only are you tough, you will have the winter to dream of your "perfect" house!

  9. What a sweet post. I love the red stain...simply love it! You are right about the color red. Our redwood stain on the cabin turned out with a tiny pinkish tint which made me feel sick. Thankfully with time it is looking better. Scary! Love the picture of you two.

  10. The mouse house is looking great! When wintering in the mouse house starts to get you down, just remember that window over the sink. Like you, I feel that is a necessity. I have always had and loved a window over my sink. Love all the photos you share!

  11. I couldn't survive either without a window over the kitchen sink! I never use the dishwasher preferring to wash dishes and get them put away ASAP! So my window to the world is in the kitchen - even though it only really looks out to my driveway and neighbor's home - but I still love it!

    Lovely red shade for the 'mouse-house' Deb - and SO happy you have put off building what would not have been perfect for you - at this time of life 'just settling for' shouldn't be an issue really. You deserve the best!

    Love, Mary

  12. I'm so happy you've found the perfect house plan. You've put so much of yourselves into your new homestead that It should be nothing less than everything you've wanted. Your dream has been a long time coming. A few more months in the mouse house is far better than a lifetime in a house that doesn't seem quite right. You'll make it through the rough times; you've got that strong pioneer spirit in you. And doing your kitty sitting will help with cabin fever.

  13. Love the red house! Looks fabulous. I'm sure you'll enjoy being tucked in for the winter, all safe and warm...and planning spring and the big build. Hope to see you soon!

  14. Having been through the building of a new home, I will tell you, "it's worth it in the end, but oh my!" Love the red, XOXO

  15. That was a lot of work to do for staining. It must have been tedious at times. But the little house looks great. I know it must be cramped but to tell the truth, it looks like the kind of home I could like. I can't wait to see the design of the house you've chosen. Will you display here before the construction begins?

  16. I think your Mouse House looks pretty darn snappy!
    Great job by you and the retired guy!
    Great news about finding new house plans...very exciting!
    Winter in the Mouse House?
    It will be a breeze for that tough ol' broad♥️
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  17. The mouse house is looking wonderful with its red stain. I know what you mean about staying there another winter, but focus on the cats, pick a winter project, and look forward to your dream house getting started next spring!

  18. I love the color! I had to laugh at your description of yourself and jut might copy it for my journal to read when my husband & I are building or remodeling our retirement home in a year or two.

    The cats look very cozy .

  19. You can do it, and your new house will be so great!!! I love the red siding.