Saturday, August 1, 2015

A morning ritual

Mornings are very simple around the mouse-house.
Once the coffee is poured and Sierra gets her bit of milk
I fill a mug and maybe take a fresh blueberry scone
out to my favorite bench under the old maple tree.

Everything is looking good and to my surprise, the gladiolus
are blooming like mad.

Although they are right on track, I may be a late-bloomer with this gardening hobby.
I have never been known to be someone with a green thumb
I think my grandmother has a lot to do with the beauty that surrounds me now.
I feel her presence; her calm and peaceful spirit, here amongst the flowers.

                      Even my garden cat seems quite content.

Wishing everyone a Happy August.

hugs, Deb



  1. Your garden is so beautiful, Deb. How blessed you are to live there.

  2. Just the kind of soothing post I need after a crazy busy week and day at work =)

  3. The glads look so pretty.
    My Mom used to grow them.
    I stick to daylilies,they are too easy to grow :)

  4. I'm always surprised by my gladiolas - for some reason I never remember that they're there until the blooms appear. And best of all, they're outside my office window so I can look out and see the hummingbird, who really, really likes the glads.

  5. Great place to enjoy coffee, scones and your lovely glads.

  6. We have a few yellow glads that pop up in the front. Not sure where they came from, but they give the front a little color in the summer. Your pictures are wonderful... and Sierra looks very content.

  7. My mother always grew gladiolas--I love their statue! That blueberry scone looks yummy! XOXO

  8. I take such joy from reading your blog, I just had to let you know. My cats are also loving the A/C and I also feed the birds and chipmunks here. Actually ours are ground squirrels but they look just like chipmunks. The difference is they do not have stripes on their faces and burrow underground. They love bird seed and I leave them fresh water because I live in the desert southwest. Love your blog!!