Sunday, August 2, 2015

And so it begins. =^..^=

Another gorgeous gladiolus showing her colour greeted me this morning.

That is one pinky-orange and two orange ones, but hey, that's ok. 
I love orange as you can see in the following photo. 

I have some news.
I'm officially back at it. 
You know, when you find something that you love to do and all of a sudden you stop for whatever reason, it tugs away at you and you are never fully at peace with yourself. I missed it too much to not start up a service in my new area. So, after enough time settling in, I dropped my cards off at the local pet store, passed on my plans by word of mouth and now I'm off to cat-sit my first kitty-client.
I couldn't be happier. :)
The retired-guy..."Aren't you ready to retire yet?"
Me ..."Nope."
So, expect to see some feline fabulousness coming your way. That is, besides the three purr-fect faces you already know.

Here they are settling in last night to help me answer emails. 
                        What would I do without their help?
hugs, Deb


  1. Have glorious fun with your new kitty clients.


  2. Oh good on you Deb. We know you hated saying goodbye to all of your old kitty friends, but now you will make new ones. We think it is a great little job, that people will be grateful to have someone trustworthy and loving in their homes.

  3. Some lucky cats are awaiting to meet their new, fabulous sitter.
    I recently had to take a sabbactical from cat fostering due to health problems. The not fostering hurts my heart & spirit more than health issues. I understand that "tug" you spoke of. Gail

  4. That's good to hear your back into cat sitting again . Lovely glads I do like the orange ones very vibrant . It is cloudy and cool here today after all the high winds and bad storms we had last night , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Glad you decided to restart your kitty sitting business. It will make some kitties very happy to have such a great sitter. And their humans will be able to leave home knowing their little ones are lovingly attended to.

  6. I have a couple of helpers beside me right now, too! haha.

    Love that you're getting back into your sweet little business! Your new neighborhood is going to love you!

  7. I was wondering if you would start back again. I look forward to meeting your new clients! I start babysitting today and Sara heads back to work/school!!

  8. What an adorable 'office staff' you have there - and I bet they don't gossip at the water cooler (or bowl) haha!
    Great news that you have rekindled your love of kitty-sitting - we'll look forward to hearing the lovely stories you always share about other cats as you start back to work.
    Happy week Deb.
    Hugs - Mary

  9. How fun! Although I love the photos of the mouse house and grounds, you take such lovely cat photos, and I will enjoy those too!

  10. That's great! I'm happy for you. Oh, you would be lost without all that help. :) You grow beautiful Gladiolus!

  11. I knew you would be returning to your chosen field of living in this life..Lucky parents of kitteh cats..Our 3 keep me busy, but I did have to visit a neighbor and ask she keep her 2 tiny dogs inside only 102 outside and they barked and looked like they were going to go on the rainbow bridge, she came home from lunch I fed them cool water and shaded them from the burning sun, she took them inside she even has a./c thru her home, we only have two big units and I normally never leave the house in that temp but the wails and cries of those tiny little dolls got to my better thinking I also phoned our animal place and they came and instructed her to keep them inside or they would have to take them away permanently never knew she has been doing this to keep her home tidy, the nerve they must weight about 4 punds dripping wet and it got to be so dadblasted hot they could have succumbed to the weather, the nerve, but now she knows and soon I think she will relinquish them to a family who will love and keep them by their sides all the time..Animal lover in my could not stand by and let them bark and wail in that heat, they would not let me leave and my hubs got a piece of cardboard and we made it bearable until she came home..I am thankful I have common cents and I knew you would return to your wonderful pet sitting it is deep in your love of cats and your nature..ciao have a great time with your clients!XXX((()()()()()

  12. Your new vicinity is lucky to have you back cat-sitting. You're bound to meet many new friends - human and feline - this way, too.

  13. Lucky cats, to have you in business again!