Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lighting things up & National Dog Day

Last night Audrey and I set up a little stained-glass lamp on the kitchen window-sill. I wanted to brighten up the teeny kitchen in the evening and so I hunted around until I found this little lamp amongst our many unpacked boxes. "It's perfect, right, Audrey? OK...It's purr-fect. :)  =^..^= I love it." :)

"Believe me, it don't take much to excite her."

On the cat-sitting front...
I'm enjoying getting to know two shy kitties that I am caring for this week. I've been told they will take some time to warm up and the male may never come near me but you know me; I'll try to win him over. The female is a bit more brave and such a beauty. Neo & Serena are my latest kitty-clients.

BUT...Today is not all about cats. Today is a very special day for canines. 
It is National Dog Day so we want to wish our one and only a grrrrrrreat day.
He's outside protecting his property and scarfing down a cheese scone I threw out for the crows.
Well, why not? It's his day today.

Don't forget to spoil your dog today.
hugs, Deb 


  1. Kane's looking in fine form!

    There's a neighbourhood cat here who I sometimes come across outside- I've taken to calling him or her Red. Very, very skittish.

  2. I think it's always dog day here, they're pretty spoilt xx

  3. Yup always dog day here to lol Miggs is cuddled , kissed , walked , played with and spoilt every day she is our fur baby . Lovely photos . Kane looks good . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Love the little lamp! Oh the looks that Audrey can give! Happy Doggie Day Kane!!

  5. Happy Dog Day to Kane!!
    That lamp is purrrrfect there...alongside your wee birds and violets♥️
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  6. Go,Kane, Go!!!!!
    Purrs and hugs ...

  7. I am so glad to see your beautiful Kane....I fell in love with him some time ago. Soon, he's going to join the kitties in sitting by the fire as signs of fall will soon appear! I really am looking forward to seeing photos on your new clients! Hugs Deb!

  8. I have a small light in my kitchen, too, but I love your colorful one so much more! Very cheery!

  9. With a dog such as Kane, it must be easy for every day to be dog day.

  10. Your new little lamp is just perfect; just the right style and just the right amount of light. Good job, Deb.
    Happy Dog Day , sweet Kane. You are such a dear dog. Hope there is a wonderful treat in store for you on your special day. God bless you, lovely boy.
    Audrey, of course you know we love you.

  11. Audrey has very good taste in lamps! Looks very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish. I had no idea that yesterday was national dog day! Good thing I spoil mine every day! :-))

  12. I love the little lamp. There is just something about a lamp burning that feels warm and cozy. You are right about decorating the window sills. The little birds and animals make cleaning up fun. I kind of feel attached to mine. Kane is beautiful. He looks like such a sweetie pie. And that Audrey! She always has the perfect comment!