Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Starry-eyed for Fred

I am holding here one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever spent time with.
Meet Fred.
An armful at best.

He's an Asian mix and a real spit-fire.
Gorgeous beyond words.
 Fred loves to charm, be brushed, lie upside-down, talk non-stop and eat treats.
We hit it off from the get-go.
He's especially fond of sitting on my lap and looking at home improvement magazines.
And cuddling.

He's my first kitty-client in the new area.
There's no doubt I am back and glad of it.


It's been hot and humid and dry these last few days.

I went out to water around the well and was pleased to see how my 'sack of potatoes' are growing.
It has blossoms now and we will have 'late' potatoes of the season.
They should be smaller but still delicious.
I love this 'sack' for growing spuds.
When they are ready to harvest you just open the velcro sides and pick your potatoes.

hugs, Deb


  1. Wow! He's so beautiful! I love his coloring and eyes. And so cuddly! The only cat I have that would snuggle like that to someone outside our family is Slate...he knows no strangers. So glad you're having fun and what a great first client!

  2. Fred is a beauty, Deb. I loved seeing the photo of him cuddling up to you. What a sweetie! :)

  3. Loving Fred.....happy for you!
    Who knew you could grow a sack of potatoes!
    Learn something new every single day!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Don't wish summer away yet!
    Linda :o)

  4. Oh joy ! You're back to keeping lonely cats company while their family is away. Yes, he is a handsome cat and if he's talking to you the entire time you're there then this family has hit the jackpot when it comes to someone to care for him and keep him company while they're away. ( YOU ! )

  5. Fred is lovely....and certainly looks
    the business!

    One tiny thing l would say though...
    I would certainly try and persuade the
    owners to get rid of that collar...cats
    should not, with or without bells have
    collars...a good vet will tell you that!
    Hate to see much so...if l see a
    cat wearing one..l'll remove it, always
    have, always will...!

  6. Goodness, he's breathtaking! What a handsome fellow. And it's quite obvious that he's fallen hard for his cat sitter! What a wonderful welcome back to the business client . Give him a kiss from us, please.
    Love those potatoes! How did you know how to do it?

  7. OMW Deb, Fred is the spit of our Tipsy. Exactly that same cocky look in the eyes, too! What a beauty.

  8. What a handsome and sweet kittie is Fred. That picture of him loving on you tugs heart strings. What a wonderful first client in your new home. :-) May you have many more.


  9. Oh appears that we females are putty in your paws! How could we not fall for such a handsome fellow...and aren't you lucky to get all that lovin' from Deb!!!

  10. Fred is gorgeous and I'm so glad to see you cat sitting again. Kitty eye candy for us :) and snuggles and love for you. I didn't know you could grow a sack of potatoes either...great idea!

  11. Fred is surely robust looking--I love the shadow stripes in his dark fur. He appears to be the sort who might give 'love-bites' to demand attention.
    I like the photo of the garden-in-progress along the fence line. Although you've owned the property for awhile, this first season in residence is an adventure.

  12. Fred looks like a fun and active fellow. He's a good start to your renewed endeavours.

  13. What a cutie Fred is! You've got the best job ever! Have lots of fun with your sweet furry clients :)!

  14. What a handsome (and big) boy!

    I've never heard of growing potatoes in sacks. Sounds like a great idea, though.

  15. Thank you for sharing Fred with us! Love the potato sack, and it's been hot and humid in Michigan too, but I want to soak it in, for re-use in January...hehehehe

  16. Oh, Fred is fabulous!

  17. Handsome cat! And I'm amazed at the 'sack of potatoes' with side openings too... what a great idea!

  18. Fred really is a beautiful cat! He loves you already. And, that sack of potatoes is AMAZING!

  19. Oh he is handsome ! Lovely photos ! I do like the sack of potatoes idea cool ! storms over us here raining like mad lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  20. Oh, are you back to watching kitties? I'm so glad for you, I know you love it so much. These cats are certainly blessed to have you.

  21. Fred is indeed a real handsome fella. I love the snuggle picture!! He looks perfectly content. I've never raised potatoes in a sack. I can't wait to see how it all works out. Love that idea! If you were here, I'd give you a dish of canned peaches. :-))

  22. The potato sack is a brilliant idea! How easy is that? Fred is gorgeous. Have fun!

  23. Fred not only looks like a handsome cat, but a sweet one as well!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  24. What a beautiful cat! Glad to see you doing this again.