Monday, August 24, 2015

A teeny recipe and going about our day.

1/4 cup of brown sugar
1 Tbsp. of cinnamon

Mix together and store in a container with a lid or a shaker.

Does anyone else love this on toast? It's really a Fall delight for me but sometimes I just crave it.
 If you use a 9 grain bread like I do it doesn't sound so bad for you. ;-) Or am I kidding myself. ha!

I went for my daily walk early this morning and was delighted to see all the cattails in the ditch along our road. I always loved them as a kid and would bring them home whenever I came across them. I remember they would puff up, then open and the inside that was filled with tiny developing seeds would explode all over my room. I imagine they weren't my mom's favorite. ;-)

We do not have sidewalks on our road so you basically take your life in your hands as you trod along but this is the route I prefer rather than going into the new development where the cars are fewer and drive slower but the scenery is not as nice. There are older farms along our road and a very active ditch that houses many beautiful insects and frogs. I just stay very close to the ditch and keep my wits about me. I do not plug into a radio.

I thought Audrey might like to say "howdy" but every-time I put the camera on her she gets her knickers in a knot.
                                                                       "Stop it."

She was purring just a minute ago.

The weather is changing quickly here and the days are getting shorter. If I dare look up I can see some colour change in the maples way at the top. We've had many little showers and the humidity is gone for now.
 I haven't shown my perennials at the back of the lot because, well, they don't look all that pretty right now. It's been a challenge keeping the wild morning glory away from them but every day I am back there pulling those nasty vines off. There has been too much rain for some of these plants, too. Things are either done or just not at their best anymore and the tomatoes have really taken over.
I have a teeny bird-bath back here that is hand-made using a dish and an old post.
And a stump of a tree is where I leave some food for the birds and chippies.
It's not fancy but lots of visitors come for a snack.
Believe it or not, there is a whole group of birds back here that never visit my feeders at the front. It was fun discovering them amongst the sumacs. I believe they are mostly sparrows.
I leave them lots of seed and an apple to feast on.
Everything gets eaten every-day.

Our tomatoes are still producing and I'm enjoying at least a few each day now. Amazing tomato sandwiches.
If you look to the right of the photo (2 above) you will see where there is a path leading into the sumac bushes. That path takes you to the end of our property that is bordered with a stone fence. There is also a bit of a 'forest', as the wee ones call it, that is mostly maples and elm trees. It's not a big area but to a little one it is a fun spot to play in. The retired-guy wants to build a tree-house back there for them someday. I'll get back there with my camera later.
For now he is just cleaning up where the old coop was and filling in the hole.
The temporary fence just to show the lot-line will be down when there is time to build a proper one.

Two little chickadees dropped by for lunch.

                                                          Aren't they sweet. :)

Hope you enjoy the last bits of summer.

hugs, Deb


  1. Summer is so fleeting. I wish we had ONE MORE MONTH of it!! Lovely photos as always. I don't always comment, but I always stop by. Lovely!

  2. I can feel it in the air, summer is starting to leave us isn't it. So much beautiful wildlife around you. Oh, and I'm rather fond of cinnamon xx

  3. I can feel the change here also. Still hot but less so and we've had a bit of rain. I love cinnamon and make that for my toast a lot! Your place is pretty magical and I enjoy exploring it with you.


  4. I think I enjoy the last month of summer the most...just a bit cooler and lovely!

    I was raised on sugar/cinnamon toast! Takes me right back to my childhood...nothing like it! Yum!

  5. Oh my, reading your commentary about Audrey almost made me spit green tea at my monitor, when I reached the 'Stop It" part! The look on her face is EXACTLY that! Walking on the road is dicey; here at the office, I drive a mile to a subdivision that has sidewalks, just so some semi-truck doesn't sideswipe me!

  6. Audrey's expression suggests that she doesn't you telling anyone that purrs - ever. But of course we know she can be a softie - as long as the camera isn't looking.

  7. I like cinnamon and brown sugar, so I'm sure the combination would suit me.

    I find myself wondering if Audrey just truly deep down despises cameras and reacts that way as such.

  8. Another lovely post Deb . I have noticed the change in temps the freshness of the air and the birds coming and going . I to do not wear head phones when I walk the country roads here as I like to be aware of my surrounding . I love marshy ditches with all the wild grasses and sounds coming from them as the grasshoppers frogs and crickets sing so calming it is . We call the brown fuzzy tops bull rushes lol ! Oh that sounds good on toast I will have to give it a go and of course a cuppa tea with it is a must hehe ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. I have a shaker of sugar and cinnamon for my toast. It is a wonderful treat with my afternoon tea. Love all your pics.

  10. I love cinnamon toast but have always used white sugar. I'm a brown sugar fan so I'll have to try it! And what a lovely walk!

  11. Yes, I keep that recipe in my cupboard. Looks like Audrey wants some too! BTW, I answered your mole question in a comment on my post today. It's kinda a word photo, isn't it! Have a wonderful evening.