Monday, August 10, 2015

Critters at the mouse-house.

If I was a bird I'd eat at the mouse-house. Easy dining and always something new to discover.
Of course, the chickadees were first to the new feeder. I adore those little birds.

"Oh, I see you." He's never far behind the birds.
This black squirrel is one of two that were born in our maple tree this spring. He and his sibling were eventually kicked out of the nest by mommy dearest and just moved over to another tree. So, they seem to be staying and hang out together much of the day. 
They are pretty cheeky devils.

While I was at the back pulling more vines off the perennials (grrr) my free-range wild turkeys strolled by. They seem to like our little lot and are spotted here most days now. They aren't any trouble, keep to themselves and are quite entertaining to watch. I keep my distance, though.

Audrey finds me delightful sometimes. :)
                                                 "I do?"
And I swear she has not been in the nip.

I love this little spot I have created. It is a haven for many tiny creatures. Everyday I have a visit from chipmunks, squirrels, the odd bunny (aren't they all?) along with toads, butterflies and bees.

hugs, Deb


  1. Wonderful wonderful! Heaven on earth!
    Purrs and hugs .....

  2. You've got quite a lot of company coming in all day!

  3. Such a wonderful little home place! Love the new feeder, too cute. Oh those squirrels...right Audrey?

  4. Thanks for posting pictures of your outdoor creatures. You sure have a lot of them. They must know it's a good safe place to visit.

    Hi Audrey! You're looking cute as usual in your box.

  5. Those Turkeys are scary!
    My Chickadees are back here at home!
    The babies are sooooo cute!
    Enjoy your evening!
    Linda :o)

  6. You do have the cutest creatures! That little black squirrel looks so sweet. I needed to see Audrey in her box tonight. She always makes me laugh. I love that little spot you've created!

  7. Isn't it all just so wonderful to see and hear ? I feel the same way of our many critters and birds we get here in our valley yard to . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Oh Audrey your a hoot ! Have a good evening !

  8. love the pictures! Audrey cracks me up with her antics! She is also the twin to our Smokey, they are so almost identical! How old is she? Our Smokey is old, but still pretty lively!

  9. How lucky you are to have made a slice of heaven for yourself here on earth! Your photos are lovely.