Thursday, August 27, 2015

Around and about the mouse-house (2)

 Annie, Audrey & Sierra spend much of their time in our garage.

 Annie contemplating life.

 They find it cool down there and enjoy the cat-tree in the window. We leave the radio on most of the evening and there are lots of places for them to explore. Audrey sometimes holds yoga classes for the older cats and also thinks that every-time she goes down to the garage she should get a treat.

                                           "Come on ladies...s.t.r.e.t.c.h"

 That comes from me having to use treats to round them up at night when I want to lock up and shut the lights. Last night, while I was sweeping the garage floor, I noticed Annie batting at something on the floor. It was a wee toad that was desperately trying to find an escape hole to the outside world. Poor thing. I picked the hysterically happy cat up and opened the garage door. I don't think I've ever seen a toad hop so fast. Annie's nose is still out of joint.
But still, she enjoys her cat-tree and spends much of her morning, too, enjoying the warm sun and listening to the birds.

I'm starting to see the end of the perennial garden for this year and if I find any blossoms still looking good they now fill my pottery vases.
The print is by artist Deidre Wicks.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that I have a few favorite cat prints and drawings in the tiny mouse-house.

           Lie around the house and do nothing,
                              It's wonderful. 
The top one is a drawing, done by my daughter Jess when she was a young girl, of our persian, Maggie.
A cat that is still missed today.
The painting to the left was done by artist and friend Donna Baskin of her three loved cats and my kitty-clients, Rosie, Otis & Lola. The painting to the right is of three black cats and was a gift from my friend, Martha, when I started the cat-sitting service. All the memories make this a very loved little corner of my home.
hugs, Deb


  1. Wonderfully decorated, Deb. The cats seem nicely peaceful!

  2. Yup some of my flowers are done whilst others are still hanging on . Lovely photos.and art of kitties . Poor toad Miggs just leaves them thank goodness lol we get a lot of toads on our patio in the middle of the summer and just before it rains lol ! Pretty quiet here now as things are changing . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  3. I love your little art gallery!

    That toad will thank you forever! haha...

  4. Your little gallery is a treasure trove of precious memories, and you are so blessed to have this priceless art on your wall.

    Looks like your feline gals are enjoying their life of leisure , but going by my own cats' attitude and behavior, I think the cats simply KNOW you're blessed to have them gracing your home ~ and of course you are.

  5. I love your kitty photos so much. I have to say I use treats to get my cats in and settled at night too. I am sorry to see my gardens fading and going by too.

  6. All the kitty cat pictures are so cute. You are good at putting things like that together..the little art gallery. It is a full time job around here saving little frogs from Eli and the cats, and especially from the guineas and chickens. Poor frogs!

  7. Love your kitty photos. The one done by your daughter has wonderful facial features. I use cat treats when I can't find one of my cats. All I have to do is call "come get treats" and both emerge from hiding places. It's magic.

  8. They awe so gawjus. And look like they be havin' lots of fun. Have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. I especially love the drawing your daughter Jess did. What a nice thing to have!