Friday, August 14, 2015

Where does the week go?

We've had  a busy week with work around the property, friends dropping by for a visit, playing with the grandittles and tending flowers that are now starting to show some wear. This time of year the last of the blooms are opening on some flowers while others are starting to fade away.
                                                 Grandittles Riley & Brad
                                                   cutesying up the mouse house.

I've had many birds to the feeders; mostly my favorite chickadee.
We've spotted two beautiful goldfinches, our resident blue-jays, the male cardinal, mourning doves, nut-hatch, wrens and a new one, the northern flicker.
The Northern Flicker -love those spots.

 Of course, our local crows are here everyday.
 I watched today as a mourning dove had a scuffle with one of our resident chipmunks.
 She was furious and flapped her wings while running towards it.
 I guess they both wanted the same sunflower seed.

The weather has been warm but wet. We've had a few thunderstorms over the last few days but they have passed and the heat and humidity is back once again.
Summer's not over yet. :)

Here's my favorite photo of the week.
My lovely friend, Sue from my trusty, older friend, Nellie. She may need some face paint and a tuck here and there but you can't beat her for reliability. ;-)

"Sue, you look like you OWN that tractor. Next time you'll have to take her for a spin."

A lovely gift from my friend.

                                     A bouquet of fresh kale and her garden flowers.
                       And, some delicious yellow cherry tomatoes from her veggie patch. 

                                                 Summer-time delights.

The sun is being enjoyed this morning in between the downpours.

my peach
loved more than words can describe.

Have a good weekend.
hugs, Deb


  1. I've never seen a northern flicker before! Quite a distinctive bird.

  2. I've never seen a northern flicker either. Wish we had them here. Aren't they beautiful! I love your old tractor. Poppy keeps saying our place is too small for a tractor. Nice gifts from your friend, and Annie is a sweet peach.

  3. Ooh...that flicker is gorgeous! I've never seen one!

    I was delighted, however, to see the chickadee couple in the feed yesterday with their fun to watch!

  4. Annie just seems like such a sweet cat! I love her face. Friends and Family make life good!

  5. We have quite a lot of Northern Flickers down this way
    they are fascinating birds if they stay still long enough to watch lol ! Our Chickadees are back now as are the blue jays here and there we had some cooler air here but now it has turned humid again and rain on and off . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  6. Make that three people who's never seen (or even heard of) a Northern Flicker. It's a pretty bird. You got such sweet gifts from your friend. Enjoy them. Annie is adorable. I love black cats.

  7. Oh, boy ... your birds are going to keep your busy and delighted! Annie is a beauty ... and so lucky. :)
    Purrs and Hugs .....

  8. Beautiful Flicker!
    Annie gets more lovely by the day. Ther's just something special about her, isn't there.

  9. That is a great tractor, I would love to have one. Looks like you are settling into country life just fine! ( and the kittys too) They must love all the bird life as much as you do.

  10. Annie is such a serene sort of cat--isn't she the mother of the bombastic Audrey? Really, no two felines have the same personality.

  11. Yep, Sue's a natural on that tractor. Start 'er up!