Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cats & turkeys (what else)

Today was the last day that Fred needed care so I gave him a kiss on the head and told him I hope to see him again soon.

What a pleasure he was to get to know. Thirteen days providing care for this fabulous feline. This is not work....nosireee. I already miss him.
Fred is a magnificent cat weighing in at 18 lbs or so. His owners are not sure of his breed but expect he has some Asian in him by his coat colour and size. His undercoat is a beautiful grey that makes him rather unique-looking. They found him in a shelter with little information on him. :(

You can read about this breed here.

We are sweltering here in Ontario, Canada. Record high temperatures are keeping us indoors when possible with curtains and blinds shut. Just keeping the house cool is a challenge even with our air-conditioner.

You have to feel bad for the wildlife on days like we've had all week. I have been keeping the bird baths full of cold water and leaving seed out in shady places.
This afternoon, during the hottest time of the day, I saw a shadow of something walking along the side of the mouse-house. It was the turkey family, all thirteen and one extra adult (we'll call him Uncle Joe) making their way to the front lawn. I watched as they pecked the ground, moving almost in slow-motion and then lay down on the grass in the shade. I felt sorry for them in this heat and was happy to provide some shelter from the sun. I brought out a big pail of cold water and left it by the fence. I then walked back to where our little bush is and left some seed for them there. I've seen them back there often so they'll find it. That is actually where I'd like to have them visit instead of at our doorstep but it's not easy to convince a turkey.

Annie was quite entertained by these big birds.

"I think they are hideous. Hideous, I tell ya."
Well, Audrey, you do have them beat in the looks department, that's for sure.  ;-)

Hope you are enjoying the last of the summer. I still have tomatoes to pick and gladiolus to enjoy.The sun-flowers are all but gone and the herbs didn't amount to much this year but the begonia blooms are lovely. I miss the Lemon Symphony plants that were absolutely beautiful around the old well. The blooms are gone but I'm hopeful for a few late ones.
  I find I'm already looking forward to Fall with it's cool breeze, fresh air, brilliant-coloured trees and golden sun-light. 
And sweaters. :)
I doubt I'm the only one.

hugs, Deb


  1. HeHe! I agree with the lovely Audrey!x (And always will) :).
    Only one good place for a turkey....Christmas and stuffing
    comes to mind....God! Their ugly! Mind you! I've been out
    with some ugly birds in my time....(That's enough of that
    Willie..this is a family Blog). Sorry! :>).

  2. I bet you loved getting back into the "swing" of things with Fred. He's quite handsome. I bet your kitties are having a ball watching the extra "big birds"!
    Purrs and hugs .....

  3. I like your turkey family. It's neat how they go about together.

  4. They're too big for cats to have a go at, but I can see why they'd want to keep an eye on them.

    Fortunately it feels better today in terms of humidity... at least early in the morning.

  5. We have wild turkeys that visit here but rarely see them in the summer. I guess they stay in the cooler woods. I learned not to feed them because they can make themselves at home and leave a big mess. Still I enjoy seeing them.
    Fred is a very handsome fellow!

  6. Audrey, you are so silly! Cute and silly, I should say.

  7. That Fred really is a handsome cat. I keep scrolling back and forth to see if he reminds me a little of Audrey but I guess not. There can be only one Audrey anyway. Hope it cools off there soon. I too am looking forward to fall. The last of July and into August the ticks around here get just awful, like baby ones hatching. It is terrible. That first frost usually takes care of them.

  8. Goodness gracious, 13 turkeys! They'll eat you out of house and home! Will they stay together as a flock? That could be rather intimidating.
    Fred is a treasure, that's for sure. I'd never heard of an Asian as a breed. I bet his family was pleased he was in love with his cat sitter. We think he'll miss you too.