Friday, July 31, 2015

What made you smile today?

It's a bit cooler today so just that alone made me happy.  We could finally get back to some out-door work without half dying from the heat.

Even the cats enjoyed the not-so-hot day and were able to lie under the table, on the hard floor, in amongst the computer cords, in a sun-puddle with a breeze coming through the windows. All their comfy spots were empty. CATS!

We burned a lot of brush today.

Our ever-faithful, old bucket of bolts tractor cut through some high grass and weeds in another area of the property to give us more space to use. This is behind the mouse-house and at this point we are not sure what we will do with it but just having the mess cleaned up feels great. Maybe a rock-garden.

My gladiolus. What can I say...I love them. There are five more to open.

And the sun-flowers always make me smile. Especially because most of them were planted by squirrels. :)

And my little buddy, Basil was by to see me again. He likes to guard his food from all other critters until a big bird comes along and scares the daylights out of him. Boy, can he run.
So, what made you smile today?

hugs, Deb


  1. Playing Pirates with Tiger and then rocking sweet Rosemary to sleep! The Grands always make me smile.

  2. Well, your post made me smile today! Love all of the photos.......and of course...I love your cats! How cute is that squirrel!

  3. A box of lovely raspberries, voicemail from my son, roses . . . so many things really, to be happy about.
    Have a great weekend Deb.

  4. Cooler weather, gorgeous blue sky, the beginning of the weekend!

  5. Your Buddy Basil made me smile today. ( I needed a smile.) xx

  6. Cooler weather and a breeze does very nicely for me. Last evening I was wondering if we were going to get bad weather though- very dark skies off to the north.

  7. Your glads are gorgeous! I hoped to grow those someday!

  8. The cooler weather definitely made me smile. Your little friend Basil and your flowers too. Your place looks prettier with every post.