Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pretty bird-houses & early visitors

If you are a bird-lover like me, you probably love all the pretty birdhouses shown on the internet.
I'm already looking for a few unique and well-built houses for my resident birds this winter. We have lots of wood in our garage left over from building the mouse-house so when I mentioned I want some new bird-houses the retired-guy said he would build me some once he's done with his projects (which will never end, by the way). "Just find one you like and show it to me." *grin*


For some unique and pretty bird-houses check this out.

I picked out the fourth, fifteenth and eighteenth photo.

That should keep him busy for awhile if and when he ever gets started. :)

Here in Ontario,  we are in the middle of another heat-wave. With high humidity and temperatures over +32C,  we also get frequent rain storms late evening and during the night. This is very common when we are experiencing these high temperatures.

Rain brings fresh bugs and worms for our local birds to feast on.
This morning we had 13 visitors to the mouse-house. 13! I'm just a tad superstitious so I'm hoping this visit does not bring us bad luck.

                                            (Taken through the stair-way window)

Here's what they look like close up.

Not an easy face to look at first thing in the morning.

Have a good day and stay cool.


  1. Morning Deb....
    Yikes! Now....that is a morning face for sure!
    I would love to see your birdhouse choices....not showing up here!
    So lucky that the retired guy is handy!
    Have a sweaty day...hahaha!
    Linda :o)

    1. They show up on this end . I'll check that out. Have a good day and stay cool, Linda.

    2. The link worked...those are cool! Hope you get some good ones!

  2. I wonder what the cats make of those oversized lunches.

  3. I can't see the photos, either...will check back! You know I'm interested! How nice he's willing to make you some!

    Taylor's lucky number is 13....let's just go with that! ha. That face....she needs some wrinkle cream! hahaha.....

  4. The link to the site works! Oh, I love them all! I think I could make that one with the pine cone roof! The coffee can and funnel one is adorable, too!

  5. Great pictures and for me the birds are very strange.


  6. I love those bird houses! Now I need to go back and look at your three favorites. Will you wish sweet Kane a happy birthday for me? The pictures brought tears to my eyes. The years go by way too fast. I've been away with visitors. Enjoyed catching up with your posts, all the way back to Audrey and the kibbles jar. That is so cute! I love your little kitchen!

  7. Only a face a mother could love lol ! Like the Turkey Vultures to ! Oh wow I live the birdhouses hope the retired guy gets on them for you lol . Papa here loves building bird houses lol . We haven't had any rain for a week now had to water my gardens early in the mornings , I could do it in the late evening but it makes plants to damp for over night in the dark and the slugs and snails get to much of a chance to chow down on them that way lol ! Thanks for sharing , stay cool and have a good day !

  8. Dearest Deb,
    It sure is the peak of summer and hot. Here in Georgia it is every day over 35°C.
    Sending you hugs,