Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On this sweltering, hot day...

It's been so hot here that it has been difficult to work outside. We have been trying to finish up the outside stain on the mouse-house but can only work for a short time and then need relief from the heat. If anyone thought that we Canadians live in a cold climate most of the year you have been mistaken. It is over 100 F today.

My glads are coming along nicely and one has been peaking through to show me what colour she is. Isn't she something :).

inside the cats enjoy the air-conditioning.

There's no telling what is going on in this head.

"Deb, bring me a cold one, will ya."

That would be water with an ice-cube added.
That's something I do all summer is add ice to the cats and dog's water bowls.
I think it makes them drink more so that is a good thing.

Hope you aren't suffering in this horrid heat like we are.
It makes it hard to do much and honestly, we are really getting behind in our projects.

Stay cool!

hugs, Deb


  1. Well...It supposed to be summer over here....
    But! It's a pretty poor one at the mo...!
    Tempts are down in single figures, frost up in
    Scotland...summat to do with the air stream, it
    supposed to be up north, instead it's down south
    which makes the difference...Yeah! Right! What
    Ever! :>).

    I have my annual Barby this Sunday...Looks as though
    weather's o.k.....Feeding of the 5,000...Few loaves and
    fishes..HeHe! Job done! :).

    Furry ones look lovely...And Audrey! Well....!!!x
    And..The Glads look lovely...Please leave them where
    they are, where they belong...In the garden...In the ground!
    Not cut..In some silly vase..On some window sill....!
    HeHe! Amen!

  2. Beautiful flowers! It was 100 degrees here in N. Florida, too hot to do anything outside!

  3. Hi ! This is Deb from Arkansas and yes it is horribly hot and humid here too ..At or a little over 100 every day for a several weeks now..and so so humid... We go outside when we have to, otherwise stay in the aircond and work on the inside of the house... Fall cannot get here soon enough... :) Hugs! deb

  4. I put an ice cube in Star's water the other day and she looked at me like I was crazy! haha....

  5. I want to bottle this up so I can uncork it when it's February here in Michigan and we are all blue with cold.

  6. Yes, Canada can be frigid but some places can be dreadfully hot in the summer, especially locations that suffer from humidity. So far, summer in southern Alberta has been tolerable, thank goodness.

  7. LOVE your kitty photos. :-)) It's warm here today, but nothing like what lots of y'all are experiencing. And we have a beautiful breeze wafting through the house right now. Almost time to close up the windows though. have a wonderful day, Deb. And tell jinxxxygirl to STOP talking about fall! :-)

  8. Welcome to my world. I'm in hibernation and my poor garden looks horrible. I ran the drip last night ... from 6 in the evening to about 8 this morning ... all dried up now. We've had no rain in the last few weeks and everything is literally, burning up. My agapanthus were so pretty this year ... now they look like dried up sticks. Hugs to the kitties and Kane....
    Purrs and hugs ....

  9. It is so hot here also. Charlie is staying cool and I find him laying under the ceiling fan on especially hot days. His favorite watering hole is the bathroom sink where his servant (that would be me) hops up and down all day turning the faucet on so he will drink.

  10. Truffle and Brûlée are staying near the AC vents

  11. I dearly love glads. They have to be securely staked and tied around here, though.

    Hope you'll be done with the staining soon. We are having a couple cooler days in the 80's here then back to the furnace :(

  12. You've got air conditioning, which is a good thing. It's past the point of tolerable out there.

  13. Yes thank goodness for AC ..... getting a few yarn projects done (little ones) and actually baked a zucchini loaf this morning. Gotta bottle of Prosecco chillin in the fridge for a sit on the patio .... Lucky and Addy are enjoying the ice cube water and AC too. see you soon :-)

  14. Warmer in Canada than the other side of the bridge -- but not much. Lizzie is laying very low today, sticking on the cooler surfaces! Time for the brush!

  15. Wretched weather here too. Does this mean there's a terrible winter to follow?

  16. It can be brutally humid and hot here in Ontario in the summer and to think some people still think we live in igloos huh ! the nerve lol ! Lovely photos . We have AC so the afternoons have been spent indoors cooling off and it is soo nice to have AC for the night time I couldn't sleep in this heat with out it ! Thanks for sharing , stay cool and have a good evening !

  17. Yes....stinkin hot! I like mid 70's myself....can't even stand to go out and water!
    Got a pile of ironing done....tidied my Tupperware cupboard....boring!
    Those glads will be gorgeous! You know you have to dig them up...they will not over winter....
    Oh well....hope you are enjoying your evening....miss v asleep upstairs♥️
    Linda :o)

  18. I had no idea it got that hot where you live. We are also experiencing the "dog days of summer".....

  19. You've got a nice start on your flower garden! So pretty. Love the sunflower and the red glad!