Thursday, July 30, 2015

A special tree

Every-time I look out my kitchen window I see this old maple tree shading a corner of our property. It's one of those trees that draws you over and invites you to relax, take a load off and enjoy all the comfort it provides.

Once home, after a drive to my old stomping grounds, I went right to the bench under the maple tree. Ahhh! What would we do without these glorious old trees. It was +34C and humid.

This gigantic maple, that was a smaller tree when I was a youngster visiting my gran,  even then looked tall to me. And here I am sitting under it now, a grand-mother myself, having a cup of the finest beverage on earth and enjoying it's shade.

My company at tea was St. Francis. haha!

I will never take these big 'ol trees for granted.
I love the grand old maples that circle our little spot here.
This is the best time to enjoy them although the vibrant Fall colours are always admired.
With that, though, comes raking of the leaves 'til the cows come home.

hugs, Deb


  1. There is something so special about really big trees and how they have stood the test of time. I have a rather large pecan tree, on my new property, too. I have all sorts of ideas about a swing on one of the large branches. Maybe, I'll settle for a bench to enjoy my cup of tea. Yours looks so inviting....

  2. That tree probably remembers when you came to sit under it as a girl. The continuity probably gives it as much comfort as it does you. Wonderful.

  3. Trees that offer shade are the best! Wonderful place to sit and relax.

  4. Quite a good tree!

    My mother had a St. Francis statue in her garden too.

  5. Your big Maple trees are so beautiful. I was noticing yesterday how the Poplar leaves are turning yellow and falling. In fact, I took a picture of one to put on my blog. Won't be long until we will need to start raking AGAIN.

  6. Autumn at the mouse house will be breathtaking!

  7. They are so pretty, big and shady! Love the bench under that one, too!