Friday, July 10, 2015

What made you smile today?

We had a very special visitor at the mouse-house today.

She kept busy moving dirt from here to there.

This is our youngest grandittle, Gwynn. She played at nan and gramps house for hours and then had a long nap on her drive home. She forgot her hat but she'll be back soon to get it. :)

My tomatoes. Twenty-six so far. I can see lots of good tomato sandwiches in the near future. And sauces, too.

Potting daisies for a future garden.
You know the ones I can't mow down.

I think I have a new 'love'.
Yellow-ware on Pinterest.
I could spend much too long looking at this stuff.

And having sweet company while I visit YOU.


hugs, Deb


  1. Sierra makes for great company! It's of course fun to have your granddaughter around!

  2. The best play is moving dirt around! Love that polka dot skirt on her! Too cute!
    Daisies are such sweet flowers and easy to grow! I'll have to think about them next spring :)

  3. I love yellow ware, too. I only have one piece a big bread bowl. The shade of that yellow is just gorgeous, don't you think? It goes with everything, too.

  4. what a cute little girl. Love that hat of hers. And mmm, tomato sandwiches sound delicious!

  5. Ah, now you found my main love....yellow ware!! Warm, rich and buttery.....that 2nd picture is from an old issue of Country Living mag., I have it cut out and in my yellow ware folder. It is a buttery, another word for pantry and the rest of it is so fabulous !!! I've shown much of it on my blog......

  6. I have a bowl addiction especially yellow ware! I began collecting years ago and bought bowls for 5 dollars. Those days are long gone!
    I wish I could play in the dirt with a polka dot skirt. She is so cute!

  7. How could anyone not smile at such a sweetie 😀 Have a good weekend xx

  8. Oh she is so cute with that hat on- aren't kids so industrious. How I would love to be so involved with fun that I could tune out the whole world! Have a great weekend!