Saturday, July 4, 2015

What made you smile today.

My latest dollar store bird-house painted and hanging in the oak tree.

The chickadees are back. :) I welcomed them with open arms. Some are new ones, fledglings, I imagine, as they are smaller and a little scruffy looking.
 Their heads are tinier than the adults and they seem to fly from branch to branch as if playing. I counted thirty in the maples right near the feeders. It`s so wonderful to see them again and hear the familiar "chickadee..dee...dee...dee...dee." I hope they stick around now.

We picked a few yellow beans off our two bean plants today. There are plenty more that are almost ready.

And dear, adorkable Audrey.

This is how she watches tv with me at night. Every once in awhile I put my finger in under the blanket and she bites it. Great fun. :-b

We are in for lots of sunny, summery days. Would you believe it`s time to cut the grass again. Who needs a gym when you live in the country.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend & Happy July 4th to all my American friends.

hugs, Deb


  1. Cute shots of your Chickadee! And your kitty is adorable. Happy 4th of July to you!

  2. I do love those chickadee's, we don't have them over
    here in the UK...Don't think so anyway! Just your run
    of the mill robins, starlings, blackbirds and those horrid
    pigeons...Still, l keep on top of those, just wrapped in
    bacon and roasted...! No! Audrey...Not while their still
    alive! Bless! She's looking lovely!
    And, Yep! I'm a country walla to...Don't do cities!
    I've been out sat on the patio, with my dear friend Flossy,
    she's on her third saucer of milk...It's all a bit hot! :).

  3. Your posts make me smile. Audrey always makes me smile. That's a fine looking dollar store bird house. Your dollar store must sell nicer things than our dollar store. :) I love the little Chickadees too!

  4. Reading your post made me smile, the sunshine, and seeing the treehouse being built for the grands! XOXO

  5. You are having so much fun with your bird friends. Fun post.
    Purrs and hugs ....

  6. Burrowing under the blankets... a very cat thing to do. Cute bird house!

  7. That's how Maeve watches TV with me. She and Audrey are so much alike. What made me happy today was watching the chickens jumping up to get at the higher raspeberries. They can't get enough of those things!

  8. Happy 4th of July to you Deb! I love the Cheep Rent bird house. And of course, I love Audrey! Have a great weekend. Jo

  9. Cute birdhouse! We get a few chickadees,but not many. But then I don't have a specific chickadee or finch feeder. Will have to get one. I love those little birds...
    And Audrey... the faces she makes definitely need photographing!

  10. Dearest Deb,
    Lovely and joyful photos. Enjoy those chickadees, they're such cute and busy birds.
    Audrey is a sport, we have one that does that too.
    Sending you hugs for a happy Sunday.

  11. I love watching the Chickadees land on the bird feeder and grab a seed and take off again. They don't stay still long! You have some wonderful photos and my favorite is the one of Audrey. So cute! What made my day was getting Callie back home. She slipped outside Monday and we didn't find her until Friday. Gave me quite a fright!
    Enjoy your day!

  12. Love your latest bird house & so will some birds. So glad your chickadees are back. I just finished seeing off the latest batch of baby mourning doves. They keep making nests in the cat condo on my deck, of all places to hatch your babies! Lucky for them, the cats are indoor only, but it makes them crazy to see all the activity from the picture window. The mourning doves could care less. Nothing seems to phase them whether it's people or cats with evil thoughts. Your yard work is probably a better work out than you would get at the gym & the membership is free.

  13. Our wrens fledged yesterday! Wrens all over the garden. Fortunately the cats are ignoring them. Naturally the first summer I have outdoor cats is the one when someone finally moves into the nest box I've had up for years!