Thursday, July 30, 2015

My gardening buddies.

While the cats slept in the A/C, there was lots to do outside on this, once again, hot, humid day.
I was glad to see another gladiolus open up. And, my morning glory will soon be blooming.
You will notice many sun-flowers here and there in strange places since they were planted by our resident squirrels. Too funny to dig up.
                   This one's a little more orange than the first.

My beautiful Begonia.

My new wind-chime broke the silence of the afternoon as a cool breeze made the heat bearable.
We expect a break from this heat for a few days as a cold-front moves in.

I had company once again while I cleaned up around the flowers and gave them a good soaking.
To thank them for their company I half-filled a feeder so they could enjoy a snack today. 
Pretty cute, eh. Only two showed up.  I hope the other one is still around. That's I worry about chipmunks. :-b

Can you see my gardening buddy in this photo?

"Hey there, little guy"

Can July really be coming to a close?
Hope you had a fine day wherever you may be.

hugs, Deb


  1. Those glads are going to be beautiful! Love the color!

  2. Greetings Deb, from another Deb! I'm a new follower and enjoying your blog so very very much! I love reading all about your daily life and looking at your pretty flowers but MOST OF ALL.......LOVE THE GORGEOUS KITTIES! We have an "Audrey", but ours is a boy and his name is Smokey.

  3. With this relentless heat, I am glad to be moving on with summer. Great photo perspective of your begonia....

  4. I just love your chipmunk pictures. It has been a summer of chipmunks here at our property, many of them quite unafraid of us, coming pretty close. Beautiful glads! -Jenn

  5. We don't seem to have any chippies; could it be because of the feral cats? I dunno, don't really want to think about it, but I like chippies. Skunks, however, we have and one surprised me last night while I visited with the ferals. I lucked out and got away without any damage, but that animal was not happy!

  6. Quite a cute little munk!

    This morning felt a little fresher than the last few days at least in terms of humidity, but we'll see what noon brings.

  7. I wish my visitors were as cute and sweet as yours are. Looks like everything you plant grows so perfectly. That Gladiolus is beautiful. I really like your new wind chime.

  8. The only time I've seen chipmunks was on vacation in Colorado. They are so cute and were quite tame. Love the gladiolas and can't wait to see them in full bloom.

  9. Love, love seeing your garden and your little friends. Hoping for cooler weather soon. Thanks for visiting me.

  10. I cant believe July is over already it goes by soo fast ! Oh I love your orange glads so pretty ! Lovely photos . No rain here still after almost two weeks and so I am watering the gardens this evening ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !