Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cool Cat

Here is proof that we are in the middle of a heat-wave.
Even Audacious Audrey can't bear to completely tunnel under her blankie and chooses to keep her head out for air. Still, she loves her blankie.

Do you know how cats keep themselves cool on these hot summer days?

I have been watering everything religiously. The perennials get a good watering every night as the sun is so blistering hot. The weeds are horrendous; a nightmare with all this sun and high humidity,  rain, sun, then rain. Last night it rained and today will be hot again. Everything looks very lush.

I'm really happy with our 5 tomato plants. I counted 26 tomatoes today and there are many more blossoms yet to open. :)

Look at the cheeks on this guy.
Chippy has been hiding out in the rocks all day to keep cool.
Now he's ready to eat.
I'm sure if he had pockets they'd be full too.

My youngest is home from a fantastic holiday,
After a 20 hr flight she'll be good for nuttin' today.
Thank you for all your good wishes on a safe arrival.

hugs, Deb


  1. What can be said about Audrey, that has'nt already been said! Bless!x

    And, yes, l get a cooling effect when saliva evaporates from my skin, a cat, l could reach all of it...!!! :).
    HeHe! And, Chippy does have lovely cheeks...With a lovely tail,
    in between! (or do you mean the cheeks on his face)..! :>).
    Sorry...Feeling a bit fluffy to~day...! =(^..^)=

  2. Sweet picture of's perfect!

    The cheeks on Chippy just crack me up! What a sweet thing he is!

  3. My Josie loves the heat. On a hot day, she'll be spread out to stay cool, but lying on a the sunshine...

  4. Audrey looks so peaceful! Glad to hear your baby is back home again too. Do you have mosquitoes like crazy, as I do? The humidity and heat are making them unbearable in my backyard.

  5. So glad your daughter in home safe and sound. I know when my oldest travels I always worry until she is back home. Always a Mama!! The chipmunk is too cute. Oh Audrey, I keep my feet and my head out to cool me off when I sleep! Charlie lays under the ceiling fan, smart kitty!


  6. Glad A is home, safe and sound, and with lots of great stories, I bet! Welcome to hot! (That's just mean of me.) Started off here this morning at 80 ... before you count the humidity. I often wonder how folks dealt with the heat down here before AC. Much tougher stock than me!
    Hugs and purrs to all....

  7. We're far from heatwave in Michigan, though it's supposed to warm up by the end of the week. Lizzie and Audrey share an under-the-covers thing. And it doesn't matter what the temp is~!

  8. The munk's working overtime to stock the larders, and summer's not even half over!

    Audrey looks very sweet.

  9. Has there ever been a kitty as cute as Audrey! I did not know that about cats cooling themselves. Glad your daughter is back home. Gosh, a 20 hour flight!