Monday, July 6, 2015

Tea at the mouse-house

Well, it may be noon before I get the bed made (thanks to Annie) but we'll still make time for tea at the mouse-house.

                                                          Look at those peachy toes. :)

It was black tea with milk and a slice of  Le Gateau est un Delice Strawberry Swiss Roll for dessert.
If you are as old as the hills, or in other words my age, you might remember these from your childhood.
Stop what you're doing...
And have some tea.
I'm joining Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    My hubby still likes those Swiss rolls. Love your blue and whites in the cabinet and yes, they do look lovely hanging from their hooks. But if you wanted to change that, they look splendid stacked on their saucers too. The transferware makes such a lovely and charming statement in your home. Of course, the kitties do too. Our next door neighbor always has her door open this time of year and every day her kitty sits there looking through the screen door. I think a cat makes a home look so friendly. Thank you for coming by for tea and have a beautiful day.


  2. Well, I don't remember them, but I want one! They are so pretty and sound delish!
    Our bed was late getting made today, too...for the same reason! :)

  3. Sweet Annie, there's even a lovely plant named for you. What delicate little feet you have!

    Love the blue and white. That cake roll looks yummy!

  4. There is always time for tea, especially if it comes with home-made pastries...

  5. I adore the pattern on your cup and saucer...and the tea and pastry look so good.
    Ear scritches to peachy-toed Annie ♥

  6. It's been quite awhile since I've had a Swiss roll!

  7. Hi Deb....
    I have missed so many posts!
    Your chickadees are so cute...I think they are truly my favorite bird too...
    And they sure are friendly!
    I did not have a cup of tea today...but I did have Miss V to help me with my chores!
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  8. Very pretty teacup! The Swiss roll is featured as the Teatime Treats in the Collectible Teapot Calendar's month of July. Interestingly enough, the Swiss roll was invented in Central Europe but not in Switzerland as one would have assumed!

  9. I love old cupboards and yours is really special, and the pretty teacups. Annie looks so sweet. It is hard to ask them to move when they are sleeping so peacefully.

  10. Sweeeeeeet kitty! The strawberry roll does look moist and dense and delicious! Does it have cream cheese in it? And what's in the tea? Maybe if I tried milk and sugar in tea I might like it. I hate to admit that I just haven't been able to develop a taste for tea...maybe because of all those boxes of tea we threw into the Boston Harbor way back when. ;-)

  11. "Stop what you're doing...
    And have some tea."

    I did... at about 5 am this morning. Stopped trying to get back to sleep, had some tea, and then returned and slept until 8.

  12. Oh I'd love to kiss those cute peachy toes :-)
    I love to put milk in black tea, too. The strawberry swiss roll looks super yummy!

  13. I love Annie's little feeties too! Cat paws are irresistable!
    Builders tea and an old fashioned Swiss roll are what I need right now. Bad day for me.

  14. I will, I will.... I love that tea pot and those tea cups....

  15. Ha Ha ..Those little toes made me smile...and Yes I had to stop and have a tea break with you ..and a taste of that swiss role..Yummy..Your teacups look so very pretty hanging on you delightful antiqued hutch...So warm and inviting..Thanks for tea..Have a HAPPY DAY !!! Hugs

  16. Oh I love the blue...the pot is just gorgeous.