Sunday, July 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Boy

If you aren't a dog-lover...please move on. haha!
Someone very special and rather hairy just had a birthday.

Our Kanie turned 15 today.

He has been our puppy for over 14 years now. He was adopted from a local shelter when he was only 11 months old. He had been abused by his previous owner and I had to look at him while he cowered under a table in the office of the shelter. He was a basket-case & I knew 'nothing' about dogs so of course we'd make a great pair. *What!!* 
I loaded him in the car and, along with a good friend, two very nervous souls drove the 2 and a half hour trip to his new home. I won't pretend it was a bed of roses, geez, it wasn't even a bouquet of dandelions, but with time and lots of love he did manage to get over some of his fears. I learned a few things, he managed some manners and we have been attached at the hip ever since.

Here are many of my favorite photos over the years with Kane.
(A young, handsome dog in 2002)

                     Looks like we've all grown older, Kanie. 
                                                               July 26, 2015

                    "Ice Cream all around"
                 "Happy 15th Birthday, Buddy. We love you."

"Good Grief...I thought this was a cat blog. Enough already."



  1. I just love stories of shelter animals finding homes and going on to be great, loyal pets. Kane's is one of those stories. I think you are both lucky! And Audrey, don't stop being audacious! :)

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. Now! Now! Audrey!x You have to make allowances,
    after all...He's a lovely..lovely fella!
    My neighbours..just two doors away have one, and guess
    what her name is...Yes! Lassie! Bless!

    Happy Burfday Kane...Have a woofer of day...Good on ya!x

  3. How wonderful. Happy 15th birthday Kanie, that is a good age for a big dog like that. My big old dog made it to 14 which I thought was wonderful. He is just beautiful & how lucky he was to find you to give him such a great home. Gorgeous :-)

  4. Dear, dear Kane,
    my very best wishes to you for more happy years with this very nice family.
    I'm sure you get and will get all the love you need and you really deserve.
    With a little kiss on your nose (if you like)
    greetings from Germany

  5. Happy Birthday Kane - we are so glad you found a great home to live in, even if you have to share with all those pussy cats.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. ah, the love of a dog is a wondrous thing......what a wonderful life you have given him.........and he, you. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Kane! xxx Lovely photos.

  8. Loved the story...I didn't realize he was a rescue! Makes it all the more sweeter! Loved seeing the photos...some really great ones there! Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy 15th Birthday Kane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kane is such a special dog. I know you love him and it is so sweet how you saved him and the connection he has with you. These animals are so important to our lives.
    hugs to you all!

  11. Happy birthday to Kane. I may have cats, but I love dogs, too. Kane was blessed the day you saw him at the shelter, and he's blessed your family in return. And what a good home you've given him to allow him to live such a long, happy and healthy life. Continued health and joy to you, Kane.

  12. A happy story....
    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday, Kane ♥

  13. Happy birthday Kane. You are all lucky that you got adopted by this wonderful family. What a handsome boy you are!

  14. Happy Birthday Kane. You share a birthday with my Kitty Jack Henry who turned 7 yesterday. You were both birthday boys yesterday. Cheers.

  15. Happy Birthday, Kane! We're sure you enjoyed your ice cream :)

  16. A very Happy Birthday, Kane! My favorite photos is the sixth one from the top; you've got your head tilted and you look adorable. Audrey, you are hilarious; hope you treat Kane well on his b'day!

  17. Kane's such a good boy! Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday Kane and many happy returns of the day! You know dear boy, you've actually gotten cuter and sweeter looking with the passing years? Wish we beans could claim the same thing ourselves. Enjoy your special day. Kisses and hugs from all of us.

  19. Happy birthday Kane...🎈
    You all look great!
    Linda :o)

  20. Happy Birthday dear Kane! You were incredibly fortunate fourteen years ago when you were adopted by your wonderful family! What a pawsome life you've had surrounded by so much love given by your caring humans. Here's to many more years of happiness! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. Such a handsome boy - thank goodness he went home with YOU! Even though you're the cat lady, haha!

    Happy Birthday sweet Kane.

  22. Happiest of Birthday Wishes for your Kane. You were very handsome in your younger years & you are extra-dashing as an older gentleman dog. You have reached an amazing 15 year milestone - only proving that lots of love & a supportive family can lead to living a good long life. I have always wondered what it was like to be the only dog in the house with all those crazy cats? Care to comment? I really hope you enjoy your 15th birthday & that the coming year is a good one for you. If I were to ever have a dog instead of cats, I would want them to be as sweet as you are.

  23. Happy birthday, sweet Kane! May you have many more! (And I ADORE that photo on the porch where you two are looking at each other and smiling! He's smiling!)