Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Gwynn & Gramps spent some time today weeding her mommy's veggie garden.
Well, alright, Gramps did most of the work but Gwynn is learning the ropes here.

But that quickly got boring so she was off to the sand-box.

"Hey Kane, are you awake? Want to play with me?

Kane will think on that a bit.

"Ahh...who needs dogs. I'll just build a sand cake."
"Then I'll bake it in my brick oven."

It was Deeelicious!

And here's someone you haven't seen for awhile.
The fabulous
This is one of Gwynn's kitties, our grand-kitty, who we love very much.
Hugo is diabetic and doing very well these days. He just woke up here so he looks a bit sleepy.
He's around 12 years old now and rated one of the best cats ever by everyone he meets.

hugs, Deb


  1. It's been a long time since I had little ones baking sand cakes! What a fabulous sand box, too!

    Hugo...what a gorgeous kitty!

  2. Isn't it fabulous that it's Summertime?!? Hugo is adorable, as is Gwynn. I'd say the same thing for the retired guy, but it would probably embarrass him...

  3. It looks like Gwynn's having fun!

    Hugo's looking distinguished, even when first awake.

  4. I love to see the child playing on the sand. Rafaela played very much making sand food... to me... and I had to pretend to eat.
    Special times!!!

  5. Sweet little baker you have there!!! I love to play house with the grandies.
    Hope the weather has cooled a bit for is hot as blue blazes in Texas :^(
    Princess Posie cat says hello to your crew!

  6. Gwynn is adorable!
    Hugo is quite handsome and has gorgeous markings. My cat, Mabel, is on insulin and doing quite well. Just wondering if Hugo is on a special diet/type of cat food.

  7. Lovely photos ! Oh that sand box looks like fun ! I'll play in it with sweet Gwynn . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. We're so excited to see Hugo again! With these older kitties with complicated medical histories, we're a bit hesitant to ask. Hurrah that he's well!

  9. Precious time. I remember when our first grand daughter was that age--she loved to be in the garden with me.

  10. Gwynn is growing quickly. What a wonderful age to view the wonder of the world. But I still think Kane and Huge have a good idea: find a shady or soft spot, and snooze. I guess that means I'm closer to their age than I am to Gwynn's...

  11. Beautiful photos! Have a wonderful weekend!