Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wild Morning Glory Vine

I found something beautiful in the grass this morning.

This is the Wild Morning-Glory Vine.

They are so beautiful and they are popping up all over the field at the back of our property.

Before today I didn't even know there was such a flower.
The vines crawl along the grass and these gorgeous white blooms stop you in your 
Now I've just read up on them and apparently the devil sent them here. haha!
Many gardeners HATE this vine as it can quickly take over the garden area but I'm not going to get all up in the air about it. 
I'm going to enjoy their beauty as they are far enough away from the house and gardens for now.
If they start surrounding the mouse-house you'll hear about it.

You can read about them here.

I only needed a hand-ful to beautify the tiny mouse-house kitchen.

There was still some room on the windowsill for Audrey to enjoy her mid-day snack.

Don't you love surprises like that.

"Don't turn your back on them, lady."

I wish you could hear Kane snoring. I just brought him back from a walk about town and he's pooped.
He still LOVES his walks at age 14.
Funny 'ol guy. :)
hugs, Deb


  1. I've never seen morning glories growing along the ground like that! They look beautiful going up trees and fences...I've always loved their blooms!

  2. Pretty flowers. If anyone wants any, I have dozenS to send them. They are all around my property where woods meet yard-those and wild blackberries. Gail

  3. Yes we have lots of pink wild morning glories here in the fields . I used to grow purple ones in the gardens but they can be very intrusive lol . Lovely photos , raining here today our internet is up and down they updated something and now all are having probs wish they would just leave it alone . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Bindweed. I'm glad you love it. You might not if you try to make flower beds or a vegetable garden. I can imagine what Kane sounds like (much like my husband??). Looks like your feline family has settled in perfectly. -Jenn

  5. I love morning glories but they are invasive I hear! The wide window seal would make Charlie a happy kitty. I do put a bench in front of the window for him to look out!


  6. Very pretty...
    There are some on our neighbour transplanted them...must take a closer look this weekend...I think they are pink...will report back!!
    Have a great day Deb...gloomy here...looks like it might rain!!
    Leaving for the show at 11...
    Linda :o)

  7. Love the Fox--reminds me of my friend who lives in Colorado and now has a family of three living up the mountain behind her home! I had a glorious morning glory climbing a pillar in our home in California years ago. All I ever heard from my grandfather is how much he hated them invading his garden, but I love them! XOXO

  8. It's fun to find something new in the yard! The morning-glories are pretty, and so is Audrey!

  9. They certainly are pretty, even if some think they're invasive!

  10. Oh what a marvelous discovery....I simply adore Morning Glories and are still waiting for ours to bloom....sweet photos Deb!!!

  11. The wild morning glories are lovely. Around here the ones with the larger flowers don't seem to be as invasive. The kind with the small flowers (only about an inch across) called bindweed, are a real pain if they get in the garden and flower beds. They aren't as beautifully dramatic either.

    Audrey must be a good girl most of the time because your decorations are still on the window sill. My kitties would have knocked them on the floor first thing.

  12. Yes, most vines are invasive and harmful to plants already growing in an area. I wonder how they fare in the wild, and if they have their own enemies that take care of them.

    I'm glad to read that Kane is still up for his walks - even if they tire him out.

  13. One person's weed is another person's wildflower! I feel the same way about dandelions. The flowers are pretty, and the leaves are edible. I don't know why people are always trying to get rid of them.

  14. Dearest Deb,
    What a lovely flower you got on the window sill, such beauty you would not be able to buy at the florist store!
    Enjoy it and wishing you a happy weekend coming your way.

  15. We have those morning glories invading our shrubbery, and I yank some out occasionally so they don't take completely over, but they are quite pretty. Makes a nice arrangement on your window sill.

  16. Foxy is adorable! I wish I could keep stuff on my windowsills...