Sunday, July 5, 2015

Playing with the chickadees.

Sierra basking in the morning light.

I spent a good hour watching and interacting with the young chickadees today.
 They are so friendly and sweet. One surprised the heck out of me when it landed on my camera, looked me in the face and then flew to the closest branch.

There are probably close to 30 little ones that have discovered the feeders and bird-bath. I hope to get a photo in the bath but no luck today. This is a robin that came by for a quick drink.

It's so wonderful to have these little beauties back.
Maybe next year they will do me the honour of nesting in one of our little bird-houses.
Hope so.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Kitty looks so comfy!
    I love those little chickadees, they are such fun to watch.

  2. My new feeder is in the front yard, so I can sit in the driveway, visit with neighbors and watch my feathered friends!! It's hanging in the shelter of my pear tree and is nice and shady there. So, I see these really tiny birds all together trying to make room on the feeder.....small spots of purple on the was in the bushes watching, they were baby purple finches!!! They were so adorable!! Did not have my camera with me and they were gone in a minute.

    The chickadees and robins love taking baths and sometimes the cardinals do too. There is a flicker that comes by and also nuthatches. My Annie sits in the window and watches very carefully.........last night with all the fireworks in the neighborhood really sent her over the edge!! She kept meowing at me and wouldn't leave me alone, I explained that there was nothing I could do!! So I lifted the blanket on the footstool and she got under and stayed there the rest of the night....must have been pretty warm under there!!



    "Five little chickadees knocking on the door,
    one flew away, then there was four..
    Chickadee..Chickadee happy to~day..
    Chickadee..Chickadee fly away..
    Four little chickadees singing in the tree..."
    (HeHe! I ain't gonna write it all out...You can
    listen to the song...And others on line...Just
    Google..Chickadee Songs). :).
    Audrey will love them...!x

  4. Great photos! Sweet kitty and chickadees.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. What a treat to have a Chickadee land on your camera! Difficult to capture that image, though! I love Sierra's serene pose; reminds me of Ginger.

  6. Very nice photos! I watched several different birds giving themselves dust baths at the end of a neighbor's driveway; I even dragged the hubby out of the house to watch.

  7. Sierra looks much too cute asleep!