Sunday, July 19, 2015

After the rain.

It poured all night. There was so much rain that, with the first coffee in hand, I headed out to dump water out of my flower pots. I learned quite quickly that they can only drain so much and need a little help after a down-pour.

I found this guy clinging to a sun-flower. It's like he has a suit of armor on. What the heck is it?

I ran into a toad as I headed to the old pump. No camera in hand...he was gone in a flash.

I had some succulents to add in-between some of the annuals at the old well. This is the best time to dig when the dirt is damp.  I am now finished planting here. It's been fun adding lots of colour and a variety of plants. It's here that I love to sit, enjoy a cup of tea and solve the world's problems (or maybe just my own. :)

A beautiful blue-jay arrived to take a quick soak in the bird-bath. I just let him be and didn't disturb him.I am not seeing too many of these birds right now. I think it's too hot for them and they have headed north. Two mourning doves dropped by this morning. First ones I've seen in awhile. I miss them as there were so many here in the Spring.

The heat and humidity have returned to Ontario. I'm so thankful for our little air-conditioner that can cool down the mouse-house in seconds. And so are the felines.

                                Cool as a cucumber, Audrey.

hugs, Deb


  1. HeHe! If you Google...shield bugs Ontario...!
    it will tell you all about them....Some of them have
    an awful smell to....! :).

    Oh! Audrey!x in the dark again....Bless!x

  2. I don't see too many blue jays either here in Arkansas...not like i thought i would but then i've only been here since April... I have one that pops by my feeder now and then but i'm never quick enough to catch a photo of him.. If i had to hazard a guess on your little armored bug i'd have to go with a cicada ......Hugs! deb

  3. Ah, we had that rain, too. There's something very "new birthy" about the after-the-rain feeling. Everything smells fresh and feels so good. But yes, it's humid as all get-out here in Michigan and getting hot after a lot of glorious sunny and 75. Hey, it's summer. Beats the alternative!

  4. I wouldn't have known what the bug was. Jays never seem to come into the city.

  5. I'll take some of your rain ... the ground is cracking here ... so easy to fall back into drought. Enjoy all the wildlife -- including those in armor!
    Purrs and hugs ....

  6. The heat and humidity here has melted me! Love your pump and the flowers!

  7. Deb, How are you enjoying your new life in the country? No need to answer, I can see the joy on your face! That is the leftover shell of a cicada. They shed that outer skin, leaving it behind on fences and buildings. I found 3 of them on my dovecote.

  8. It's' a cicada, before it molts. Quite gruesome looking insects!

  9. Yep, the shell of a cicada. We have them here too. I really like that pic of you by the pump!

  10. We've been having a lot of rain too this summer...keeps our grass growing and staying green. Lovely photos!
    Mary Alice

  11. That bug is a Cicada we have then down here to Deb . They are the ones that you hear in the humidity of summer making that buzzing sound we used to call then hydro bugs when we were kids cause they sound like the buzzing the hydro wires used to make in the country they need the moister of the humidity to make that sound it is a mating call he will eventually break from that armor and leave it some where it is like a traveling cocoon and he will sprout wings and off he goes if he doesn't get eaten by a bird first lol ! . We had rain earlier today but boy has it ever been humid . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. That is such a cute photo of you and your water pump! love it!
    We're rainy, humid, sticky and hot, too. Staying inside as much as possible~!

  13. You look so in your element there. I just love it for you. Welcome Home!

    And I love seeing Lily's photo each time I log on. She is dear to my heart and will remain so.


  14. Dearest Deb,
    Yes, we too got lots of Cicadas here.
    Always interesting to find out about new critters that live on the property.

  15. At bottom of today's post was a pic of Ed & Lily 10-28-12 when you mention storm Sandy and how rainy days stir up memories. That date and few weeks following was a chock full of life altering events, mainly bad or sad. I did a decades worth of living during a 2 month period. God and time have put it all into perspective. Just briefly, that old post took me back there. Bittersweet, which is what you wrote about. Gail