Thursday, July 16, 2015

My long-time friend

A cold-front had moved in and the sticky hot weather took a back-seat to a glorious, sunny and cool morning.

The mouse-house got a going over and the cats were lined up, one, two and three. "No excess hair-shedding and no gifts of hair-balls from you three this morning, please. I have company coming and you are all to be on your best behaviour."

                                          "Is she nuts?"

It was so fun to have my friend of 42 years visit us, share a meal and enjoy a long chat over a cup of tea or two.
Mina and I went to school together, shared our first apt. and have remained friends throughout life's ups and downs.
We had a great time and we weren't the only ones who enjoyed their company.
Annie fell so hard for Joey that she was looking for him after he left. She is such a flirt, that Peach is.

hugs, Deb


  1. Aw. You know Joey is a good and kind man if he passed the Annie test!

  2. Enjoy your visit! It's always wonderful to spend time with special friends!

  3. Oh, that Peaches! lol. Good for her!

  4. Joey looks like a good kind cat-lover. Great that you had this special time with friends.

  5. What fun! Is Audrey a good host, too, or does she take to her own space?!

  6. How lovely to meet up with a friend of so many years - bet you always have lots to chat about, especially the old days!!
    Glad the kitties behaved - and have a wonderful weekend Deb.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. What a nice visit. It's good to have a friend from so many years.

  8. The Audrey Glare is always welcome! Good to spend time with friends.

  9. That is so funny about the hair-balls! Sounds like such a fun visit.

  10. Audry you make me laugh lol ! Glad you all had a good visit and a good ole natter . Thanks for sharing , lovely photos ! Have a good weekend . It is to be very humid for us down here already starting ! Saturday is to be 28C feel like 39C STICKY !! Thanks goodness for AC !