Monday, July 20, 2015

Hot as blazes.

 It was so hot yesterday that most humans and animals would most-likely have chosen to stay indoors.
30 degrees celcius or 86 degrees farenheight with very high humidity.
We Canadians are such wimps in this weather.

I walked to the back of the property to check on the perennials and found a tomato lying on the ground.
A perfect tomato is now ripening on the window-sill.
I shared some cool grapes with a friendly black squirrel and added some seed to a feeder for one of the lazy chippies. He lay across the opening and enjoyed a snack.

Before long, as it often does on these humid days, it began to pour rain. Following that was loud thunder and heavier rain.
 I headed out again to drain the flower pots. *Geesh*.

This morning it is glorious weather.
It's time to make the best of it.

Sierra wishes you a 'purr-fect- day.

hugs, Deb


  1. I think the chippies are lovely....The only time you
    see them over here are in cages....Terrible thing to
    do...Should be a law against it. Keeping any animal
    in a cage for that matter...I remember when l was
    10yrs old...My Granny died, Dad came home with
    budgie in a cage, l took it out in the garden and let it
    go...Poor thing survived for a couple days, Dad said
    the other birds would kill it...Oh! Well!

    And...A black squirrel....Wow! Nuts!

  2. Lovely photos ! I stay out side in the humidity as we have the huge old tree shading our patio porch and we have a fan blowing on us to help it gets quite cool under it so we can sit it is l;Ike having a screened porch with out the screens lol thinking of doing that one day making it into a all seasoned screened porch . Yeah we didn't see much activity in the yard at all this weekend as it was way to humid . Cooler here this morning 17C no humidity for today lots of sunshine though my kind of summer day .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Deb! Your photos are just charming...such a delight!
    That black squirrel is a beauty...they are rare where I am...
    Don't your flower pots have drain holes in the bottom?
    We have the same weather but in the 90's with that humidity. Whew!

  4. Welcome to my world ... hot and humid...except we aren't getting any rain. The ground is cracking so I ran the drip all night. Ugh!
    Purrs and extra hugs for Sierra .....

  5. It is so hot here that a few minutes out of my A/C and I'm melting! The only thing happy outside are the Dragonflies!!


  6. Very nice pictures. I love the woods.

    It's been warm here, though one day, the temperature dropped and it rained; it was like an autumn day. We get those once in a while, in full summer. But today will be pleasant. I don't care for the overly hot days. I'm a wimpy Canadian, too; give me a cool day.

  7. It seemed more pleasant this morning than yesterday, certainly!

  8. Hot and sticky! Sweetie and Patty, the friendly ferals, hide under the broad leaves of the hosta plants to keep cool.

  9. Hi Deb.....
    Same weather here...came home from the cottage late damp and humid!
    We celebrated 3years for Miss V yesterday....what a day!
    I see I now have chippers at the cottage...stuffing their faces...not sure how I feel about that! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your evening..
    Linda :o)

  10. It is hot as blazes here too...and humid. Just miserable! Your property is so pretty. What a perfect tomato. Wonder if it was a squirrel trying to steal it away?

  11. I imagine you are not very used to blazing heat in Canada! (Just like we are not used to snow in Georgia) I hope it cooled down a bit after the rain. We wish you a purrfect day, too :-)

  12. Glad you got a break from the hots. We have been on a real see saw here with weather - hot and humid and sunny in the 90's, the cool and dry and sparkling in the 70's. I'll take the latter any day.

  13. It sounds like summer is too hot and humid most everywhere. I wonder why I imagined that Ontario might be cooler [?]