Thursday, July 23, 2015

Confusing Audrey and look who stopped by the mouse-house.

"Hmmm..why the heck is the lid off my kibble jar?"

"Is she trying to trick me?"

"Oh, I wouldn't do that, Audrey. Help yourself."
Truth is, I get tired of her pawing at it just because it's entertaining to watch me open it and give her a couple of kibbles for a treat.
Leaving it open confused the heck out of her. haha!

I've been busy outside staining the mouse-house and finishing up it's new look. The weather has been co-operating finally and I'm so thankful for that. The retired-guy has been leveling the property with his old trusty tractor so we are now walking on flat land and not stepping into holes and disappearing.

We are having great weather for out-door work and the sun-flowers are lovin' it.
Not too much sun but just enough to keep them happy.

Look who I found in the bush today.
It was Dave, the tabby-cat from next door. I always love when he drops by for a few pats and a snuggle.

Look at this face. He's so funny and full of himself. I told him again to not let me catch him at my bird-feeders. Does he look like he cares?

And this was our other visitor. 
                                           Crab spider

No snuggles for him. 

hugs, Deb


  1. I have a bright yellow crab do they know which color to be? LOL.

    And if we dared to leave anything resembling food, [especially butter] open on the would be gone in a flash, Bootsie can't be trusted.


  2. Hello there little spider!

    Dave is a cutie!

    Though he lacks the Audrey Glare, which is irresistible.

  3. Audrey and that face! I just love her!

    Dave is a handsome guy....I just love his coat and stripes!

  4. Lovely photos . The weather has been wonderful hasn't it ? sunny with cloudy periods and cool breezes just perfect ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. So wonderful Dave comes for visits! He had you pegged from the very start ;-)

    It is hot hot hot here!

  6. Audrey!x Audrey!x Your a 'basket' case! HeHe!

    And that Dave...He's lovely! Certainly has a very
    assertive face...He's probably making sure his patch
    is all up together! :).

    oooO! And a crab spider...Take care as they do bite..
    Some people can be allergic to the venom..!
    Vicious little things...There is a larger version...aptly
    named...The Giant Crab Spider..!

  7. Definitely cuddles for Dave =)
    Wow! The kitties have a treat jar...Hmmm... good idea. I think I need to go shopping.

  8. Eeek, I'm no spider fan! Dave looks as handsome as ever, and Audrey's stink eye is priceless!

  9. That Dave is a looker isn't he! What a handsome face and those markings are gorgeous.

  10. Dave looks like my new foster-cat, Noah. He could probably teach Noah something about manners!