Monday, September 28, 2015

levels of loveliness & building shelter for l'il red.

It was a gorgeous weekend and only right that we spend a little time relaxing.
I added a flower stand behind St. Francis so I had levels of blooms to enjoy for the little time left for these flowers. 
I love the fall mums.

My late morning glories.

and today it rained
after my hour walk where I got caught in a downpour (hence my flippy hair) we built a squirrel feeder to help our resident l'il red and his buddies get through the cold winter ahead.

The squirrel goes in through the hole and enters the jar that will hold his food. That way he is out of the rainy, sleety, frigid weather while he eats.
And, we can watch him enjoy his meal.
We made it bigger than the instructions because we thought the squirrel looked a little squished in the picture.
It gets so cold in our part of Canada that some wild-life do not survive the winter.
This just might make a difference.

The retired-guy is presently staining it red to match the mouse-house.
Only the best for our little rascals.

See...this is how it looks when he is dining.

Some would say we have too much time on our hands but's raining.

Now back to organizing those shelves behind me.

If you would like to build a squirrel feeder here is the link...

Thank you Nicole for sending me this link.
Nicole is one of my cat-sitting clients from years back and has been following along on our 'new life' in the country.

I still miss caring for her darling Serena. She is the most beautiful cat (inside and out) with big baby blues. 
How I would love to hug her again. 
This was very sweet of you, Nicole. Thank you so much.

Check out these peepers. :)
I was putty in her paws.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love your squirrel feeder! Aw....and I wonder if Simon will take some turns!

    That Serena is!

  2. Oh, you're so sweet to take care of the squirrels. I'm always fighting with them. Maybe I should take a different tack, and just welcome them, like what you're doing. At least they would leave my bird feeders alone! Those squirrels are going to love you this winter.

  3. hi Deb that squirrel feeder is amazing! never saw one like that before! I love that photo of you sitting there enjoying your flowers!

  4. very clever 'squirrel' feeder there, we don't have squirrels here
    am actually thinking about putting bird nest boxes up & around the place as some of the families have had some big casualties in the last few years with the bad windy weather we get here.
    ohhh my, Serena is gorgeous & so stunning! (doesn't she know it!)
    wonderful post
    thanx for sharing

  5. The area around your pump and St. Francis keeps getting more lovely.
    That is a really unique squirrel feeder. Great design!
    Serena is indeed a beauty. I can see why you couldn't resist her. But who can resist the innocent eyes of any cat.

  6. What a marvelous idea for a feeder!!! Y'all are just wonderful....beautiful days are yours....and Serena...what a sweetheart!!! Wishing you a lovely fall week!

  7. My your squirrels are spoilt lol ! Cute idea though never seen it before . I have two flat feeders with roves in a comfy cozy place near our cedar hedges and crab apple tree by my shed it is quite protected there for them from the winds rain and so on . I do like your sitting area around that lovely old water pump very pretty . Miggs and I got caught in the rain to lol ! Pretty kitty what lovely blue eyes . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. This is a brilliant idea. Last winter I fed my squirrels on a shelf attached to my fence. It would be nice for them to have shelter while they eat ;)

    Spoilt squirrels indeed, but my father liked them so I always think of him when I help them out.

  9. You definitely do spoil the squirrels!

    Serena's such a beautiful cat!

  10. Love the squirrel house! And Serena appears to be aptly named; those serene

  11. Little things mean a lot of wildlife. I'm sure Lil Red will be very pleased with the feeder.

    Serena is a gorgeous cat. I can see why you were putty in her paws :)

  12. Serena! We're captivated already!
    Good job, retired guy! It's a great feeder.