Friday, December 20, 2013

On the road...

I do believe this bird is teasing my kitty-client.

You can see how much snow is around but the temperatures have finally risen and we are out of that terrible deep-freeze. The roads have been awful, AWFUL! the last few days; especially the country roads. It is slow driving all the way. Once home, I got a call from my sister. "Just checking to see if you are off the roads". Sweet, huh!
I had five black cats, a tuxedo, a brown tabby and a ginger to care for today. Three of the black cats are alone in their homes so I spend a little more time with them. And, a bonus....they love to be combed. ;-) Is there anything more beautiful than a shiny black cat with gold eyes? They are all exquisite.

Remember Twinkle, the senior tabby I cared for recently? He had lost a lot of weight and was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. He was on medication so he required daily visits at a regular time. He was left in my care for one month. Well, after the owners returned they took him to the vet for a check-up and he had gained weight and the vet was very happy at how he looked.  The owners were so pleased.
We got along like gang-busters and now I miss him. His old, thin body made me think of Ed every-time I held him. His purr was enormous. I'm so happy he is in a very loving home and hope to see him again soon.
The house is quiet as Annie and Audrey snuggle for a nap. Annie is a busy girl making her rounds for cuddles with needy cats like Audrey & Lily.
Audrey wants her time with her momma and Lily, well, bless her heart, she just needs Annie these days. She sits on my lap whenever the opportunity presents itself and has become quite the lap cat, too.

It feels so strange without Ed.
 He was always the first to the dinner plate that held his cut up chicken or beef and under your feet if you were taking too long to serve him. I can't even look over at the wood-stove without imagining him curled up in his box with Lily. I miss his beautiful face; his eyes. I hope I never forget how soft the fur on his ears and face were.

Life goes on, Christmas is fast approaching. I still want to make a few pumpkin loaves to give out to friends.

Hope your last minute preparations are going well. Now....take a deep breath. ;-) and relax.
It will all come together.

Here's a cat-tip for the new year...

We all want to save money, right? I know I do. 
Dry cat food is cheapest in the largest bags available. Smaller bags are purchased because the owner does not want the food to go stale before the cat can finish it. I also think that we just get used to buying smaller bags and boxes of products and don't even look at the difference in price of the larger bags. Just divide the large bag into smaller portions in tupperware or any type of well-sealed plastic containers and freeze the remaining containers. Your food will not go stale like it would just sitting in the bag and each container is as fresh as a brand new bag for kitty.
My cats love when I open a new bag of kibble. I guess it's like me and my new box of ritz crackers. Oh yum! Crunch..crunch. By freezing their food, each container is like a freshly opened bag. 
You will save money.
Many of my clients do this and I think it's great.
I, as a cat-sitter, know for sure that kitty will not run out of food while on my clock, either.

hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely photos ! The weather is crazy and all is sloppy and messy out there and going to get worse with the two ice storms we are to be getting over the weekend ! Thanks for sharing your tip of kitty food I do that with both Harley and Miggy's dry food ! Have a good weekend !

  2. Stay safe on the cold white roads. We love your header.

  3. Your kitty friends are all so lucky to have you! Glad the temps are easing up a bit for you. Your staircase is so grand a beautiful for Christmas! What a lovely old home you have! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  4. Yawn and relax is a very good life philosophy. The cats all look as adorable as ever... even if your kitty client in the first one is momentarily irritated.

  5. I sense a kindred spirit in you Deb. I'm so sorry about Mr. Ed. I still miss my blue-eyed boy, Sandy Paws, a 14 lb flamepoint Siamese. It's been five years. I still have his sister, Violet, who is now 18. She is solid grey yet they were littermates. I adopted them at 3 months old and they stayed very close, washing each other, cuddling and sometimes exchanging a sharp bite on the ear!
    Your cats and your cat clients are very lucky.

  6. Dear Deb,
    how nice, you have snow and gets a white Christmas, I envy you.
    Beautifully looks out of your house lights and allerliebst are your cats.
    I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.
    Big kisses and hugs from Tatjana and 8 boys

  7. That is so nice to hear that Annie and Audrey are running together on the stairs these days and now today that they are cuddling more. I love that! I am glad Annie is still there for Lily, too. I am glad she has a whole family to love her through this.

    I think it would have please Mr. Ed. to have known how much you would miss him. But then he know how much you loved him so maybe he did know. They are such wonderful creatures. Simply amazing. Bless you.

    Lily, WA, USA

  8. Oh Deb, I know exactly how you feel about loss. I just lost my dear sweet Scary (he was wild and quit scary!) Tuesday. He went in for a routine teeth cleaning and did not make it out of surgery. The vet said they were watching his monitors, everything was fine one minute, then the next minute he was gone. Talk about a shock, I could not believe it. It still seems like a bad dream. I, too, hope to always remember his soft coat and caramel colored stripe under his neck. He grunted in response to my voice and bit the other cats if they by chance happened to lay on "his" lap (mine) when he wanted that honored spot. He was MY cat, but let my husband lather attention on him when he wanted it. I could go on forever, but it comes down to the fact I MISS him and mourn him often. I find comfort in knowing he loved his mama (me) and there will never be another like him.

    I will be thinking of you this holiday and hope spending time with your lovely family eases the pain of Ed 's loss.

    Your friend in Kansas,
    Glenda Campbell

  9. Annie has a true mother's heart! I see her as a kitty Florence Nightingale, tending all the kitties in need.

  10. Aww we smiled to read about sweet Annie looking after her girls.

  11. Every time I love on Cassie, I think of Mr. Ed. Siamese are so special .. all my kitties are special, but there is just something about Cassie -- my little love bug.


  12. I'm glad to see Ed's photo and hope you continue to post photos of our precious little man. His life force is still with us even though his mortal
    body is not and we still love him lots.
    Twinkle obviously loves his cat sitter.
    A month is a long time for the poor
    old fellow but he obviously flourished
    under your loving care. He's such a
    I'm mad for black cats! And you're
    right, they are so glossy and amazing
    when they are freshly groomed; they'll just awe you.
    Caring for ageing Lily is Annie's gift
    of thanks for helping her in her time
    of need. She has a mission.
    She is a very special cat and
    will reveal herself more as time goes