Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Christmas staircase

I got a little more decorating done and finally wrapped my gifts.

 I just have the wee ones gifts to finish and stockings to stuff and then it is full speed ahead with cat-sitting.

My staircase is always the last thing to decorate since Annie and Audrey spend much of their time chasing each other up and down like lunatics. Annie was a big help decorating. 
I did it while Audrey slept because I know better.
This is where I show off my Santas.

"Oh, oh...trouble."

There is a little tree at the landing and that painting is of my cat of 20 years, Charity.
She passed away in 1993.

Our little clap-board house is one hundred and twenty years old. Much of the original features including the old wooden staircase has been kept maintained by ourselves and past owners. We stripped every bit of paint off of it years back. The stairs are one of my favorite things about this home. So, I like to decorate it when I can.
On the railing , the wooden ornaments all have moving parts. You pull the string and the legs and arms move. Riley loves them and looks for them at Christmas.

So the house is ready for the grandittles. Other than having to move the Santas to vacuum before Christmas,  I would say I'm done. I think I have time to do a bit of baking even though my sister provides us with all the cookies and squares for the Christmas table. This year I ordered shortbread, brownies, cherry squares, butter-tart squares, macaroons and date squares. I'll be making the pumpkin pies. Geesh....I get a toothache just thinking about all this sugar. Oh well, it is Christmas.

                                                                     Our Memory Tree.
                                         A tree filled with decorations collected over thirty years.

I'm going to send you over to a most beautiful blog to show you how gorgeous Debra's kitchen is this Christmas.
She has a beautiful home and it is all decked out for the holidays. You'll enjoy your visit.

Then maybe you can have a nap since I'm sure everyone is tired by now.
Sierra is sleeping more these days as she has no intention of missing Santa on Christmas Eve.
hugs, Deb


  1. Your home is beautiful and so warm looking! I love the staircase the the way you decorated it. I can imagine kitties enjoying the decorations very much. :-) I'm still amazed that our Chase Bird hasn't gotten into a thing--yet. We haven't wrapped presents yet. :-)

  2. All so very pretty ! This old 1895 farm house also has a lovely stair case part of what attracted us to the house . Wonderful photos ! It is mild and sunny here today but the weekends weather looks nasty for us . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Everything is beautiful, Deb. All of you did a great job -- the furry ones really know how to decorate!

  4. As I was looking at your lovely pictures and the stairway, I was wondering when your home was originally built! I recognize the stairway from other vintage homes we have been in. People were so much smaller than today weren't they! It is truly so very are so fortunate to live in such a gem of a house! Thank you for sharing Deb!

  5. Hi Deb. Everything at your house is so pretty. Now do you have trouble with the kiities playing with you Christtmasing?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Wow, what a great job of decorating. You had a lot of presents to wrap. I envy you your house; an old house with an upstairs is wonderful. You and your family have kept it in beautiful condition.

  7. I love the Santa's lining the stairs, but not as much as Audrey does I bet! Everything looks wonderful! Enjoy your weekend!
    hugs, Linda

  8. It's a beautiful house, and you have been busy!

    Audrey's waiting for you to turn your back for just five seconds....

  9. Wow ! Your home is beautifully decorated, and your home is beautiful . A staircase like yours is a jewel, and you have adorned it in a way that enhances it for the season.

    You're done wrapping your gifts already ? I'm jealous, I still have a lot left to do around here.

    Merry Christmas to you & your family Deb. A Christmas season with purring cats snuggled in your lap , family who loves you, plenty of good food and a lovely home. You're so blessed !

  10. Your home is looking very festive and you must be relieved that you have everything ready to enjoy the holiday with your family. I was curious why you were afraid of what Audrey would do to the decorations on the stairs & I thought "What could she possibly do to a garland. I had not seen this view of your stairs before and had no idea that you had room for all those wonderful Santas - now I understand. Hopefully, you will not come home to find any of them tumbled down the steps. You must have been collecting the Santas for a long time. They look amazing displayed on each tread. You could not have a better place to display them.
    Be careful driving around to all those kittys' houses. People can be extra crazy drivers around Christmas time.

  11. Your staircase looks wonderful Deb, but those Santa's wouldn't stay there for five minutes with Rowan, I can picture her now taking great delight in knocking each one down. lol

    1. So far, only one has had a tumble thanks to Audrey. She's being very discreet this year. I don't worry about them, though.

  12. It's beautiful! My childhood home had a bannister and I remember my mom decorating it with greens. I loved that and I miss it, so seeing yours is like a special treat! I'm thinking Audrey and Lizzie are about the same age. We've been wrapping "together." A bit of a challenge at times! It's so pretty Deb -- I know everyone will have wonderful joy when you gather for sugar next week!