Monday, December 2, 2013

Picking the tree and keeping it up-right.

A perfect day for bringing home the tree. 

"Wait up, guys." 
Nan, Gramps and Gwyn

Gwyn and mom.                                           Allie finds her tree.
Daddy, mommy & Gwyn

Three trees, that is. One for us, one for little Gwyn and her family and one for Allie and Jon.

So Audrey, what are your plans this year for my Christmas tree?
                                                         I can see the wheels turning.

So, now you have your tree and it looks great. It is standing tall for all to admire. Here is a tip that is new to me to keep kitty from climbing your Christmas tree...
Add pine-scented air fresheners to the bottom of your tree. Cats do not care for the strong scent and will usually walk away.
If your cat decides to dive-bomb the tree from above it is best to put a hook in the ceiling and tie a string to the tree to keep it from falling over along with your cat. Keep all furniture away from the tree that kitty can climb and launch from.

Decorate the bottom half with unbreakables as most cats will just swat at babbles rather than climb the tree.
Most of all, be patient with your cat. To her, this is the best cat toy you have ever brought home. She wants to show her gratitude.

Perhaps you can give kitty her own tree decorated with all unbreakable ornaments and let her have lots of fun with it. Place it in another room far from your own tree. Near a window is best.

Good luck. Here's to standing trees. *I raise my tea-cup*

Time to decorate.

hugs, Deb


  1. Two trees up and everyone is enjoying them.. So far the only play thing is the tree skirt ... so much fun to burrow underneath! Love shots -- love memories made ... thanks for sharing them.

  2. My daughter said the bottom of her tree is bare because our newest granddaughter, Emmie, thinks the Christmas balls are actually "balls"...she takes them off the tree and throws them! Our Rosie is better behaved than that. Love the family outing and oh, my, you have a lot of snow! XOXO

  3. What a picture perfect day of your family in beautiful snow picking our their Christmas trees!!! Thank you for sharing it with us in photos and words.

    God Bless You,

    Lily, WA, USA

  4. We put bells on our tree...a cat early warning system!
    Jane x

  5. Oh, Audrey is definitely making plans. I can tell from that photo. :-) Love the photos of you and your family! And thank you for the tips for keeping kitties out of the tree. We're not sure how our Chase Bird will do this year. He's never had full run of the house 24/7 like he does now.

  6. I have two foster-vcats who've not seen a Christmas tree in my house. Yikes...

  7. Hi Deb, our tree is up also, and there are lights, but no ornaments yet. We do the bottom portion of the tree with unbreakable ornaments for the cats to bat around... off the tree and all around the room... and they do! They also like to play around in the 'skirt'. The only prob we ever have is when one get too rambunctious and ends up wrapping him or herself in the lights and then takes off... pulling a whole string of lights behind. But it's all part of the package...

    I love the pics of you'all shopping for the tree with little Gwyn. We did that for years with my first grand daughter. Took many of their first Christmas photo cards out there among the Christmas trees.

  8. The pine-scented air fresheners are a good idea! Cuz I know that my own personal Audrey (aka Louise) will be nesting in our tree in no time!!!

  9. Gwyn's all "what on earth is going on with you people".

    Audrey is plotting some very devious things.

  10. I put the tree up a couple of weeks before I decorate it. That way the cats can check it out and get used to it before the decorations go up. Of course, we have an artificial tree because the live ones don't last very long with the warm climate, so I can put it up well in advance This year only one cat even came by while I was putting it up. She checked it out real well, but the other cats just watched and quickly lost interest. So far no one has climbed it although I've had one do it in the past.

  11. Great tips--the getting the tree pictures are awesome--love the baby in the snow!

  12. We are in summer time!!!!!
    Enjoy your beautiful winter!

  13. I remember it well.... one year I had 4 cats and each was so different with the tree...yep...we put it on a big box...nailed the stand to it and tied the top with dental floss and attached it to room corners.... still didn't help.
    All the gifts were unwrapped on Christmas the cats...and there they were in the morning...sleeping in the tissue and papers and ribbons...sheeesh.....