Monday, December 16, 2013

A busy time for cat-sitters

I've given the job of manning the phone to Sierra since it is ringing off the hook for cat-sitting over the holidays. She wasn't doing anything anyways.
I had lots of visits to make today and still managed a trip to Perth to shop and enjoy a huge bowl of vegetarian chili with probably the best tea biscuit I have ever tasted. Note to self...learn to make both.

My board is filling up fast. I am noticing most of my clients are away before Christmas this year to make their holiday visits and then are back in time to have Christmas at home. This suits me to a tee. I have all the regulars this year and only one new client to still meet and greet. Looking forward to getting to know them. I will be very busy Christmas morning making my rounds and then I'll be staying home to entertain and enjoy the family. Santa arrives around noon.

I have only our staircase left to decorate but will wait a little longer since darling Audrey loves to play on the stairs. She is waiting with bated breath to have garland and my wooden ornaments hanging there for her to enjoy (and destroy).
While she waits she'll just have her way with my trees.

Lily is doing well. Each day gets better for her. She is starting to cuddle up with us more and Annie (bless her heart) is never far from her. She is eating well and rests comfortably at the wood-stove.

Are you enjoying all the Christmas preparations? Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to pop by for a visit. I remind myself everyday to just 'breath', enjoy and carry on. So, you do that too.

I am enjoying so much dropping over to all your blogs to see your beautiful homes. I just love this time of year. I'll show off my staircase soon.

Have fun,
hugs, Deb


  1. Lots of wrapping and mailing done today; now I get to start my baking! Lucky kitties to have you take care of them, XOXO

  2. We are finding pinecones in places we did't put them...perhaps Miss Sierra could work out what's happening?
    Jane x

  3. Happy Happy and a Merry Ho Ho Ho! Tell Sierra she is doing too good of a job! ;) Audrey is just helping ... right?!!!!!

  4. I love your job. That last picture is so funny. it looks like she is looking cross eyed to see the tree. Ha. I hope you have time for your Christmas Happy Holidays.

  5. That right hand second shot of Audrey seems to be her Crazy Expression.

  6. Christmas at Linderhof is much simplier now. I can't believe ALL the decorating I did for years! And stressed! It's really more fun now . . . and less stress in January when we put everything away!

  7. I'm still decorating (heavy sigh). But almost done. Still shopping to do, too. Chase Bird looks at the trees, but so far he hasn't gotten into them. We are amazed but grateful!

  8. So far the tree is still standing and nothing has been batted or broken. So far. Very fun -- glad you get Christmas with the family!

  9. I'm glad that Annie is helping Lily at this time. The latter can't help but miss her old friend now that he's gone.

  10. Audrey is a stinker for sure, but she keeps us entertained! :) Glad that Lily is doing better and sweet Annie is just the right kitty to fill the void. I'm enjoying seeing all the decorations this year also! Hugs!!