Friday, December 13, 2013

Looking forward

I can't pass up a little house at Christmas. Not even a gingerbread house.
 I spotted this on the shelf as I was paying for my container of hummus from a local restaurant called The Good Food Co. They make 'the best hummus' ever.
I brought the little house home for Gwyn. Oh, I know she can't eat it but she can look at it and it can sit under her tree for now. I kept it wrapped since her parents will devour it after Christmas. :)

Did I mention this little beauty is teething now.
She has 'bambi' eyes, I think.
They are in-between blue and brown. We aren't quite sure what colour they will end up.
But no matter...they are gorgeous.

 Audrey's favorite ornament.
Hence the crooked glasses. :)

Life has a way of grabbing you by the ankles and dragging you along. It has taken on a fast pace now as there is shopping, wrapping, planning, cat-sitting and making time for family.
It's a must that I get things organized ahead of time because the cat-sitting takes up much of my time starting this weekend. I have been caring for a few cats this week; a beautiful tabby, a tuxedo and a vibrant calico.
Dear old Twinkle has been getting an abundance of hugs the last few days. When I hold him his thin spine and rigid legs remind me of Ed.  It's not easy. He purrs in my arms and lays his head on my shoulder. I told him today his family are soon home and life will get back to normal for him. He has done so well on his own with my visits and I will really miss him.

I am looking forward to the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Lily is doing ok 
Everyone, including the cats, are working overtime to give her extra care and attention.
She misses him, we all do, but I truly feel each day we will see her improve.
The retired-guy keeps the wood-stove stoked which brings all the cats together.
Well, all but Sierra. She's watching out the window for the mail-man. I haven't told her yet about the news that Canada Post will be stopping home-delivery of mail in the near future. I'll save that for the new year. :( 
 Your comments and emails have been very healing. Thank you again.
Wishing you well and a happy weekend.

hugs, Deb


  1. What a beautiful picture of Gwyn!

  2. I don't comment often, but feel the pain in your words. Sending you a big hug.
    Blessings to you and your whole family (including the cats).

  3. So that's Audrey's favourite decoration? How very fitting!

  4. Little Gwyn is quite a beauty! Our youngest daughter and oldest granddaughter have eyes that color. Wait 'till she has to decide which color to write down when she applies for a driver's license!

    Life does get a bit crazy and out of control during the Christmas season, doesn't it? Enjoy every moment!

  5. Gwyn is so beautiful! A little angel.

    I am glad to hear that Lily is getting lots of help with her missing of Mr. Ed. Thank you for posting about her. Blessings upon on of you.

    Lily, WA, USA

  6. Gwyn is very beautiful. you will all be missing Mr Ed so much at Christmas especially. Hugs to you.

  7. Gwyn is so lovely. Just beautiful. The eye colour is called blue-hazel.
    Very rare and quite breathtaking. The blue may take on more of a
    warm gray look when she's older.
    And love her little lips. I think she
    looks alot like Jess and somewhat
    like you.
    We're glad to know Lily is coping
    with the loss of Ed. Maybe age will
    cloud her memory a bit and take the
    edge off. When my dad died, my
    mum knew he was no longer with us,
    on some level, but she wasn't sure
    when he died or ,sometimes, if he
    just wasn't somewhere else.
    Love to all of the earthly kitties and our Angel Ed.

  8. Such a sweet baby :)
    Poor Sierra...she'll be so disappointed!

  9. Beautiful eyes on that baby girl!! Audrey is funny to have chosen mouse as her fav ornament! I know you are all giving love and support to each other. Hugs!

  10. Little Gwyn is so precious and has beautiful eyes!
    Our Sissy was so sad over the loss of her brother, but she is doing better other than she is still pooping outside her littler box that she started doing after he left us. It's every other day now instead of every day. She's always wanting to go outside and I know that she is probably wanting to look for him. I hope that sweet Lily will feel all the love from you and the other kitties and be comforted!

  11. Lily is on my mind each day. Bless the other kitties for stepping up and caring for her.
    Your Gwyn is exquisite. She has soulful eyes and the sweetest mouth!
    Merry Christmas from Calif.