Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mr. Ed

This dear cat loved the sun.

and he loved his Lily.

He was a friend to all the cats
but his heart belonged to her.

He loved his yard

and he loved my dining-room table.
Yes, he could be naughty

and he adored his 'dad' time.
He enjoyed the whole family and all the gatherings.
He was one of God's little Masterpieces.

"Thank you for five wonderful years sharing your life with us. 
You were proof to me that we should never, ever over-look a senior cat in a shelter.
You gave us more love in your last years than I could have ever imagined.
We miss you terribly and will never forget you."
Rest in Peace my sweet boy.
Mr. Ed
1987 - 2013

Your comforting words and outpouring of love for Mr. Ed and our family has touched my heart. You are all so kind and I can see how you really were charmed by this wonderful cat.
Although it was time, may I just say that Ed did not suffer. He went so peacefully and I thank our wonderful vet, Dr. Tracy King, for being there for him.
We shed tears now but will soon smile at the memories.
hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I am so very sorry I was away and didn't see that you had lost your sweet Ed I so understand and I send you love and hugs. Carol x

  2. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful cat. Beauty that stirs the sadness of his absence. Many purrs for you all.

  3. I love his sweet face; I'll miss him terribly. But golly, did seeing Mr Ed. make me smile!

  4. What a lovely ode to a special little guy.
    I've been thinking all day of you. Hugs!
    See you soon.

  5. Bless you and your family for giving Mr. Ed a wonderful home. I know how much it hurts to lose our kitties. I'm so glad that you have wonderful memories of him. I can vouch for the love our senior kitties give us. I adopted my Waddles when she was 9 1/2. She lived to be 21. She, too, had kidney failure. She was my best friend and my baby.

  6. It is never easy ! Sorry for your loss ! Lovely photos to remember him by though !

  7. When I was a kid...we had 2 Siamese cats, that we brought home from Jamaica!
    Minu lived 'til he was 22...a long wonderful life!
    I am sure Mr Ed will be missed....♥

    Linda :o)

  8. Oops, I shouldn't have read this one. Too soon for me after my loss. So sorry for yours. I hope Lily is okay. My dogs miss out cat but they have given up on her coming back. Sweet kitty.

  9. I am so very sorry for your loss He will always be in your heart.

    Glenda from Kansas

  10. Sweet memories of a great cat! Mr Ed will live on in many hearts. I too think that we should never hesitate to adopt an older cat! Sending hugs and purrs!
    Linda & Charlie Kitty

  11. I don't even know you and I am bawling, such a regal cat!! I just love your blog and what you write about. Thank you for sharing your life with us!!! and so sorry about Mr. Ed.!!!
    Jill from NY

  12. A wonderful tribute to a great and grand cat.

  13. Aren't we lucky we can share our time with such wonderful companions? I know Mr Ed will be missed - but those great memories will last forever.

  14. I'm sitting here with tears running down my face.
    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful tribute to Mr. Ed.

  15. So much sweetness and dignity in one small, furry face.

  16. So sorry for your loss - wow, he was 26? Such a beautiful boy. xx

  17. Tears for your loss and for Mr. Ed. I'm so sorry. I have never seen such a touching love story as that of Lily and Mr. Ed and your photos the past few years have captured their very special bond. Oh how he will be missed. I didn't realize you had him for just 5 years. How blessed he was to have been taken home by you and to be adored and pampered by all in his senior years.

  18. Hugs to you and your family Deb. I so enjoy reading about your kitties and was truly amazed by Ed's age. You have a special place in heaven for making the last of his years comfortable and happy. God Bless.

  19. What a lovely post about your Mr Ed. You are good people Deb.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  20. Ed was remarkable and so were you for taking him in and obviously loving him so much. I was touched by his devotion to Lily. If we are lucky, when we cross over the rainbow bridge there will be many furry souls waiting on the other side. Hugs to you, Mary

  21. That is a lovely tribute to a wonderful friend and companion. Thank you again for sharing his photos and stories with all of us. He and Lily were so amazing to see together and to love right along with you. There really are no words for how I felt about him.... he was so regal and looked so very handsome. I will let him go for now only because we have to... but I do hope to see him again some day. Thank you, Deb.

    My prayers continue to be with you and all you family there.


  22. Bless you for taking handsome Ed. We had a Siamese many years ago. Ours was a naughty boy most of the time!

    I volunteer at a no kill shelter. So many adult cats need homes. They live several or even many more years and are so grateful for their new homes.

  23. What a beautiful post for a very special cat...

  24. This beautiful tibute to Mr Ed brings tears to my eyes .

  25. I'm so sorry for your loss of Mr. Ed. I will miss seeing his sweet face.

  26. Dearest Deb. This is such a loving tribute to such a noble cat. The pictures of Mr. Ed are amazingly sweet and reflect his personality and his beauty. It is so funny that God seems to place people in your life for a purpose. Discovering your blog and all the beauty it represents, along with getting to know all these beautiful kitties shows us the love we are blessed with. Indeed, rest easy Ed and know you were dearly loved.

  27. A beautiful tribute to a very noble kitty. You are a wonderful person to have adopted a kitty who was already 20, many would have looked passed him and went straight for the kittens. I feel especially close to Mr. Ed because we are both born in the 1980s. Mr. Ed was only three years younger than me. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Sending love to you and your family.

  28. What a gentleman of a kitty. He was a fine, fine lad. You all are in my heart. We lost two senior lady kitties to kidney disease this year. Both were 21.

  29. My heart is breaking for you Deb and for dear Lily .. you will all miss him so much. Much love and hugs to you. xo Donna.

  30. Ed was a gift from God to us all. . How could an elderly Siamese gentleman make so many people feel good?
    That was Ed's gift to us He made
    us feel "good" ( for want of a better
    word) just by being himself. He
    had an amazing way of connecting
    with us all even though we'd never
    met him. One look at his face and
    we fell in love with him ...totally. He
    never failed to bring a smile to our
    faces, warmth to our hearts and joy
    to our souls.
    We pray that Lily will find comfort in
    the company of another cat. Perhaps
    we will find that Annie is part of the
    great circle of God's gifts too. Ed has
    returned to The Father, leaving this
    world a little bit better place because
    he was in it.
    Our love and prayers are with you, human and cat alike.
    Kari, Gran and the Cats

  31. Oh dear, I am catching up. I am so sorry about Mr. Ed. This is such a lovely tribute post, with beautiful pictures.
    Biggest hugs and purrs.

  32. I hope it is ok to react one more time.I am thinking about Lily ,is she doing Ok ? She must miss her buddy so much!

  33. I feel so sorry for Lily; she won't understand where her best friend has gone. You are quite right not to overlook old cats. I'd adopt only mature ones now. They have much love to offer, and know how to show it. Wonderful Mr Ed, into his twenty-sixth year...

  34. Awww, I loved seeing these photos of Mr. Ed. Especially the ones with Lily. So adorable. I wish I could take in more cats, because I feel so bad for the senior cats in shelters. The next time we are able to add to our home, I will adopt a senior cat.

  35. Oh, Deb, my heart breaks a little reading this. Those of us who have said goodbye know your feelings. How beautifully you expressed them and told us about Mr. Ed. He was beautiful -- and the photos! Oh, aren't you glad you are a good photographer so you can have so many beautiful visual memories? I never regretted a single one of the (probably) hundreds of photos I took of Gypsy. Not one. I loved the photos in the sun and with Lily. And I'm very glad you mentioned that you adopted him as a senior cat -- that is clearly something we should all remember.

    You gave Mr. Ed the greatest gift of all -- a wonderful home filled with love. It sounds like he paid you back in spades. Sending hugs.

  36. Three cheers for Mr. Ed. Enjoy your new life in the sun sweet man.

  37. Lovely memories of an adorable, sweet old boy! Ed lived his last years sorrounded by pure love, peace and care...God bless you Deb! Sos un encanto de persona y es un gusto conocerte! God bless our vets too, who are always there in so difficult times with sensitive hearts.

  38. I love all these wonderful photos of him. That was a beautiful tribute to a very special feline, Deb. Hugs!

  39. My deepest condolences… It took me by surprise to come over for a quick visit and learn about Mr. Ed’s journey to the other side.
    Poor, dear old fellow…
    I wish you strength to overcome the hurt this must cause you as soon as possible Deb.
    I’m sure the cute old guy wouldn’t want you to be unhappy for one moment.