Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Christmas tree

Little Gwyn is pretty proud of her first Christmas tree.
She thinks mommy and daddy did a great job.

And she's even more excited about her early Christmas present from mommy and daddy.  A
new play-mat. 
It's new, it's exciting and it keeps her mind off of teething.
Look at this smile.
That smile is for Nana. :)

And you haven't seen Hugo and Ruby for awhile.
Well, they are doing fine and both fabulous cats.
Biggest eyes ever.
He is beyond a doubt the sweetest cat I have ever known.

(Audacious Audrey's sister)

It's time to finish wrapping gifts after I enjoy a delicious egg-nog. Then I'll be Christmasing-up the stairs with much help from Annie and Audrey.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my cuteness, Gwyn is just adorable! And she obviouls loves her early Christmas present!

  2. Hi Deb! I did not finish my comment as the phone rang.....I have so enjoyed your posts the past few days...the pictures are so beautiful and if I have not mentioned this before, little Gwyn is simply just want to untie the ribbons and take her out of the box....a real doll!

  3. Ruby really looks like her Mummy, doesn't she!
    Jane x

  4. You always have such wonderful photos. I've loved reading about your cat and people adventures this year. Happy Christmas to you and your family. x

  5. That smile from Gwyn is just heart melting! What a doll. Love those activity mats! Oh Hugo and Ruby look great! Enjoy your decorating. I want to be done with it I think! :)


  6. Oh my, what a darling smile for her Nana! She's cute as a button, Deb! So are the kitties. Just dropping by to wish you and your family and fur babies a lovely and joyous holiday.

    Christmas blessings,

  7. Totally adorable that little girl is! What a delight!

  8. Gwyn is such a cutie. She look so happy! And the cats look so content. :)

  9. Awesome tree ! Dear Gwyn may not recall her first tree but the photos will certainly be memorable!
    Ruby looks like a cross between
    Annie and Audrey. (Wonder if Audrey
    looks like her dad?) Hugo is
    magnificent! What amazing looks!
    How is he doing with his diabetes?
    He looks the picture of perfection.

  10. Well....isn't your Gwyneth a sweet treat!
    Have fun this Christmas with her♥
    Linda :o)

  11. What a sweetie!

    And the cats look magnificent!