Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our table trees & a few tips

I found this beauty of a tree in December, 2010 
It was a grand tree and I loved it.
It filled the whole corner of the room.
And then we adopted Audrey.

Now our trees are little.

This was our first Christmas table-tree in 2011 

The little gifts go on the table. The larger ones on a skirt underneath.

Here's Christmas 2012

We added a train set under the tree.
And there's Audrey
waiting for the train.
She has matured somewhat over the last two years so we'll see how she does this year.

Our table-tree for Christmas, 2013
Santa on the right goes on top tomorrow

We have the train set up again for the little ones
and a little village of houses with their lights on
Maybe someday we'll go back to the grand tree because Sierra is not impressed. According to cats..."Size does matter." 

"That's not even worth climbing."

Just in case your cat does think your tree is worth the effort
here are a few tips...

Put the tree up for a few days without decorating it.
Place the tree in a space that has open space around it. Be sure they can't jump from a high spot. Make sure the tree is firmly placed in the tree-stand.
Tie the tree at the top to something solid.
Decorate with caution...all sentimental decorations should be placed at the top.
Breakable ones, too.
If you can, do not decorate the bottom of the tree for awhile.
No tinsel, please. It is very dangerous for cats.
Tape down all the cords and have no dangling wires.
 They don't know that this big toy is not there for them. They think you just bought them the toy of all toys. They just want to play. Take a deep breath and be patient. Just like a dog, a firm "NO" may work for your cat. Well, maybe a few "No's"

Enjoy your Christmas preparations but take some time to relax.
You a cat.

hugs, Deb


  1. Your trees are so elegant! We, of course, totally forgo a tree...

  2. It maybe the angle of the photos but it looks like Audrey's tree, I mean your tree, is getter a little bigger every year. So maybe next year if Audrey's all grown up, your tree will be able to grow up too!

  3. Terrific photo of Sierra!

  4. I've had the tree inside for several days and they have lost interest in it. Tomorrow, I'll attempt decorations. Cross your fingers it doesn't go as badly as the garland on the sideboard. All reason tells me it is useless to try decorating for the holidays, but still I persevere.

  5. I'll add another tip to yours -- place 20-25# boxes of kitty litter on each of the three tree leg stands to help keep it upright when they decide to push or pull on it. It's saved my tail (and house) multiple times!

    I'm on holiday and Lizzie is home alone with her sitter visiting -- I put up all the small trees (decorated) and so far, so good. And the big tree is up with no decorations... just waiting! Hope it's as is when we return! The other tips are really great, too. Thanks!

  6. Your trees have been lovely, and we enjoy seeing little Audreys face peaking out from underneath.

    Julie and Poppy q

  7. Ed and Lily. Perfection unparalleled !
    A Christmas gift to each other as well as to all of us who need a reason to believe. God bless them.

  8. I gave up on Christmas decorating some time ago--any decorating that means small cherished objects could be pushed off a buffet or shelf. We seem to have had generations of very naughty cats!

  9. Lovely trees! You're right--the kitties think we're bringing in a new toy, a wonderful toy, just for them.

  10. Beautiful pictures! And thanks for the tips....our Betsy (9 months) is like a whirlwind!
    Maybe this way the damage is a bit less...;-).
    Mirjam x

  11. Have a wonder time together..Loved the trees !! And the cats xoxo

  12. QUE AMOR DE GATOS!!!!!

  13. Louise does not understand "no", even though she has heard it 14,000 times! hahaha

    Beautiful trees!

  14. Audrey does seem to get into the Christmas spirit! Your trees are lovely!

  15. After our Tawnee took down my garland on the mantel (the DAY after I put it up!) I moved her cat stand from beside the fireplace to the other side of the room. Boy, did I get a nasty look! But now the garland is safe (luckily no fragile ornies on it) and so far (fingers crossed) the tree is still standing. We tie fishing line to a hook in the corner of the ceiling/wall and tie up the top - just in case.

  16. Good ideas friend. M says she's never had a cat bother the tree except for knocking off a low hanging ornament, so she puts non-breakable ones on the bottom.

  17. Really good tips! We have an artificial tree that I want to put up with lights and ornaments, but I'm not sure if I will or not because of Gizmo. I might put it out without any decorations for a while and see what happens, then slowly add on to it. I like the idea of putting a tree on a table!

  18. I love your new blog header! We don't have a cat, but we've downsized our tree, too.

  19. The Christmas trees and decorations must be so tempting to kitties. I'm glad Banjo has out grown the urge to climb the tree though I do find a few needles nibbled off laying all over my living room floor every morning. :(

    xo Catherine

  20. Our artificial tree is anchored to a big, heavy piece of wood (a thick, round table top bought from the hardware store for the purpose). We use a skirt to hide the wood and the tree won't tip even with kitties moving up it at speed. Hey, it's their Christmas too and if they want to climb the tree, no problem. Delicate ornaments are fixed with wire hooks bent tightly and it's all good.