Saturday, December 15, 2012

Respecting the old

I spent most of the day visiting cats in my care and getting to know the new ones. I love this part of cat-sitting. Each and every cat is so unique not only in their looks but in their personality.  Some are so welcoming right from the get-go and some a little shy and distant. When there are two cats in a home and one is a bit scared I always hope that the more friendly one will take the lead and help the other become more trusting. I have two in my care this week where this is the reality. It will be interesting to see how things improve as we get to know each other.

The calls are still coming in for cat-care over Christmas. I know I could use an assistant right about now so I think the retired-guy will be my co-pilot on Christmas morning. I know he is a master at kitty-care so I'll be making use of his talent. hee! haw!
I want all kitties to have a good breakfast, a clean litter-box, a new toy and a kiss on the head before I head home to get ready for our Christmas celebration. His help will be a gift for me. :)

Ed was following the sun today and even with his bum leg he managed to make it to the top of the table.
This is a rare thing with him. He was so brave to get up there that I didn't have the heart to tell him to get down.
Now, let's go see what nosy knows...she never misses a thing.


Mr.Ed, you are all lit up like a Christmas tree today."

"Just soakin' up the winter sun, youngun'. It's good for the bones. It warms everything from the toes to the nose."
                                                             "Yes, it does, Mr. Ed."
Ed is 25 years old and Audrey is 1. They are the best of friends. Whenever Audrey passes by him she rubs her head on his. I know he loves it. When Ed is eating, Audrey never interfers. I think Audrey knows he is old and feeble. She is very kind to him and gentle.

hugs, Deb


  1. Wow, Ed is amazing! I can't believe he's 25, and how lovely that Audrey is so sweet toward him. I love these photos and the way Ed is backlit (and Audrey's cheeky face of course) :O)

  2. So nice that they get along. We hope Mr Ed enjoyed his sunbeams.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. Well done, Mr Ed! I love all cats, but I have a particular soft spot for the oldies. Lovely photographs of an amazing old boy.x

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  5. I LOVE those pics of Ed. The last one warms my heart! What a great old guy he is, and how fabulous he got up there on his own. I wouldn't have kicked him off either.

    I think my Emily's personality is an awful lot like Audrey's!!!

  6. When we had oldies,the youngsters were always quiter and more 'respectful' around them. I think humans could learn a few lessons from cats!
    Jane x

  7. Aw that is so sweet that Audrey knows Mr Ed is an elder and respects him. He is so pretty in that sunlight! Busy time of year for you!
    hugs, Linda

  8. 25 years old?? That's amazing!! I love cats so much.

  9. Oh Mr. Ed....twenty five years old? How incredible....what a dear you must be! Those sweet old bones must need some soft place to curl up by the fireplace...A Merry Christmas you darling boy!

  10. I love seeing cats relate like how Audrey and Mr. Ed relate. I see the same behavior in my feral colony, they are really looking out for each other, it so warms my heart. Wow, on 25 years!! That's amazing. He should win some kind of award for reaching the quarter-century mark! Go Mr. Ed!!

    1. I also wanted to say a special thanks to the Retired Guy for helping you out on the busy days, that is very kind and considerate of him. I'm glad your Retired Guy is of such great quality, that's awesome!!

  11. I love hearing about your oldsters, gives me great comfort and hope for my 18 year old gal. How sweet that the baby and the old guy get along!

  12. Sending hugs to beautiful Mr. Ed and sweet young Audrey. I love that they share head rubs when Audrey is passing by. Gentle and sweet... so precious.
    So glad that retired-guy is able to help you out with the extra sitting at Christmas time. My hubby and I had been wondering how you could make all the rounds! Awesome!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. Ed! Isn't he the most adorable, amazing boy! we are so pleased he got to stay on the table! Maybe it's something he always wanted to do, bless his little heart! At age 25 he should have whatever he wants. I just want to scoop him up in my arms and cover him with kisses. He is a treasure, Deb, he really is.
    Kudos to the retired-guy for helping with the kitties.

  14. *swoon*

    Mr Ed is a gem! My crowd gives Kona respect too, she's 16-ish and showing her age. CC especially loves her and never misses a chance to do a body rub and wash her ears.

  15. I lovums Mr Ed
    what a sweet photo of Audrey nose kissing with him!