Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cleaning up.

Sometimes I have to say "so long" to a kitty-client because they move away. That's the case with Optimus, Vora & Olivia. I gave them each a kiss on the head this morning and wished them a long and happy life in Montreal. I'll miss these three wonderful cats. They were amongst the beauties that I cared for over Christmas.

JJ required two visits daily and we became very good buds. Today was my last visit with him. I brushed him up so he looked very spiffy for his mom's arrival. He will be so happy to have her to cuddle up with tonight.
 I'll never forget this face.

As usual, I was spoiled again this Christmas. I have a wonderful family, that is for sure.
A beautiful addition for my dining-room is this old window made into a picture frame for some beautiful family photos. A tricky thing to photograph.

Books, tea-cups and numerous new teas to try, cosmetics to give the old face a boost and gorgeous baskets to fill with anything and everything. I imagine Audrey will find her way into them before long. I also received a beautiful silver chain with a pendant made from a silver spoon. On it was the letter D engraved. There's a little story that I will tell you later about it. My clients were so generous with goodies of tea-cups, wine, baking and chocolates. I guess I'll be pushing back my day to start 'trimming' again. ha!

I am still cat-sitting but most of the clients have returned. I will finish up the Christmas rush and then the calls will come in from the 'travellers to warmer climates'. They actually started today.

I am not one to keep Christmas decorations up after Christmas. Now I long to see my white dishes, clean counters and less clutter. All but the tree will be put away in the next day or two. Today I worked on the dining-room and Sierra helped me by keeping me company. I kept it simple this year so just had the cupboard to re-arrange and some wreaths and cards to put away. Sierra was in the cupboard before I could grab the beautiful woven runner I received as a gift from Pat from
She always thought this cupboard would make a good cat den, anyway.

The runner is now moved and Sierra can stay put.


It has snowed so much that our dog, Kane went out for a pee in the yard tonight, went off the dug path and got stuck. Seriously. He's in now and has decided not to leave the couch. It's a good evening to join the cats and sit by the wood-stove with an eggnog hot chocolate. Other than Annie, who prefers her bed, all the others are tucked in their boxes.
                                           Life is good!

hugs, Deb


  1. Sierra looks great in that cupboard! And I love the photo of Annie. Pure bliss. She's such a beauty.

  2. I just love that little chin resting on the basket edge.

  3. It must be hard saying good by to the cats you care for. Looks like the perfect spot for Sierra!What a sweet photo of Annie!I did very minimal decorating this year so it will stay up until after new years day.

  4. Eggnog hot chocolate sounds seriously decadent!

  5. How adorable is Audrey! When I told my grandson you had a "client" that was named Optimus...he said, "Is it Optimus Prime?" Happy 2013!

  6. What a great gift that window made into a photo gallery! I have to say that "JJ" has a very large nose, lol, but such a sweet face.

  7. I have a window frame just like that, I have my art in it though, yours looks wonderful.What lovely gifts you received , it must be hard to see your kitty clients move away, you sound like you become very attached, you are such a kind hearted person, I'm really so glad to have met you here in blogland,

  8. That first cat face is something serious Deb.

  9. It looks so cute, and cosy in your post...glad to see the kitties all comforted up. They do know how to get comfortable.


  10. I bet it is hard to say goodbye to kitty clients :( They are some cute cats for sure!

    I love your window turned photo frame! Such a clever idea and wonderful Christmas gift :)