Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nana-time and preparing for Christmas

I finished my shopping today but not without caving in the Christmas decorations aisles. I really thought I could go through the season without buying more delightful, glittery things for myself but I couldn't. Nope!
Bradley next to daddy's first ornament.

This will be the best Christmas with Ry.

This ones an oldie but how I love this Queen.

I am having a bit too much fun with this cupboard and it looks like I have a whole lot going on now on the shelf. I always have Riley in mind and now there are lights and kids on swings and more trees. I just need to add snow and I'll show you.
 So much for keeping things simple. However do you do that?

I was over to see the grand-kids today. Isn't this guy growing?

 He will be three months on Christmas day and he is laughing and trying so hard to hold his head up high and use those legs. Just look at those perky lips. He is an armful, alright. And do you see the little cat head looking out the window? That's Ozzie. Just as we were leaving Riley asked if she could go out for breakfast again soon. Our date is Thursday and then we will stop by our favorite book-store to buy a Christmas book. Oh yes, and she will rope Gramps into buying just a handful of jelly beans.

The evening walks are now before dinner as it is cold and dark by 5 pm.  I have to remember to bring my camera along some night as the Christmas lights around here are very pretty.

Are you having fun getting ready for the big day? I feel ok..not too stressed. The cat-sitting is about to pick up speed and I have to be very organised in order to meet the needs.

 We are now into the home-stretch so I will make my list and check it twice, stuff the cat-bag and add little red mice, pick up some cat treats shaped like bugs & prepare myself for kitty hugs.

Paper, pen, comb & brush, a scoop,a few ping-pong balls, camera and my always-needed clothes brush, a full tank of gas and we're all set. Lots of clients are heading out early so the madness starts next week. This year will be the busiest ever and requests are still coming in from mostly new clients. I love this time of year but I'm getting older so I have to take my vitamins and get lots of sleep. :)

Enjoy the day and remember to take time out for yourself.  I could really use a back massage.
Here's a photo of a very special cat by the name of Mookie. He was my first kitty-client and I cared for him for many Christmases. This was taken 17 years ago and I can still remember the feel of his fur and the sound of his meow. He was a gem of a cat and I cried when we lost him. It was like losing one of my own.
                                                                      Me & Mook

Hugs, Deb


  1. Your tree looks beautiful! What delightful ornaments to brighten the eyes of that adorable grandson. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I love the ornaments Deb! Photos of the Grands are perfect to me! I will be sharing my small tree this year as I'm spending Christmas with Tiger and family. Keep rested and have fun!

    hugs, Linda

  3. Deb, those precious ornaments are just amazing and what keepsakes! I just arrived home last night with Rosie and even though she's 8 1/2, she's adopted me as if I was her's forever...what a feeling!

  4. It's hard to resist the glittery ornaments and decorations. All your ornaments are great, especially the photos of your grandchildren. They are so cute and growing so fast!

  5. Lovely photos . We have ornaments with the kids and pets photos . I like personal Christmas decorations . Have a good day !

  6. Very beautiful and very precious. You are building very lovely memories.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Ah, Deb, your little guy is so sweet! I LOVE that age! He sure is a handsome armful! Your post is always fun to read and filled with such character. Your kitties must adore you! Thanks for sharing your precious babies and kitties as well as the tree ornies.

    Christmas blessings,

  8. Darling little boy, and pretty Christmas tree.

  9. I too always cave in the Christmas decoration aisle :)

  10. What a total cutie, he is adorable. It's always fun when there are babies around at Christmas...

    Stay calm, and pet a cat...

    That's my advice for Christmas.


  11. I missed this post on a busy day--love the cloe-up of Audrey's paw--she is very photogenic.