Thursday, December 27, 2012

And now... the cats.

We have been hit with a very large snow-storm.  When you know this type of weather is on its' way, preparations must be made by leaving extra dry food and water for the cats in your care. That was done.
By the looks of it out there, this will be a two, large coffee-needed, kinda morning. Thankfully, with the retired-guy at the wheel, I'll get where I need to go a lot sooner.  
Oh, I didn't mention he is working OVER-TIME.
So whatever your weather, if you like cats (and you'd better LOVE them if you are here right now) I have listed some of my Christmas kitty-clients for your viewing pleasure. 
So grab some tea and come back to see.

  My name's Simba and I'm glad to meet you."
Yes, that's my kitty-client  Simba,  the Abyssinian.  Simba is one of the reasons why I keep cat-sitting. It's been my busiest Christmas season in 18 years of cat-sitting and wouldn't feel like Christmas without seeing this guy and his buddies Midnight & Albert.

Here's one of my new clients. Meet JJ
This face is what got me out the door in the morning. Coffee in hand, driving like an 80 year old through a snow-storm, JJ's house was first on my route. 

Thanks for so many 'cat in window' photos, JJ.
Next was Penny & Zoie
Penny is a vibrant calico
Zoie is a pastel calico

Then off to see Tootsie & Marvin
They have the best view for bird-watching.

Vora hid in a box and made me hunt for her
She thought it was very funny. I, on the other hand, was flippin' out.
Her roomie, Olivia told me where she was.
"She's in the vacuum cleaner box."
While Optimus kept his mouth zipped and played along.
"I was busy counting my 18 front toes"

Dominique posed like a super-model
I may have enough photos of her to fill an album.

Emmi & Didi

are the most pampered cats alive. They know how to 'work it'.

Smudge lives alone and enjoys CBC radio
                                                                       and a few treats.

How many Christmases have I cared for Lola, Rosie & Otis?
Brothers Buddy & Chase

and Miss Josephine

There are a few more but I have yet to photograph them.

Each evening, before returning home it was time to feed the ferals. They have been living on dry food this past while but Christmas night they feasted on turkey pieces and all the trimmings.
Tonight it will be back to dry food only as the temperatures are dropping and everything else will freeze.

There are many places they find shelter from the wind and snow but  I pray each night that God will keep them warm and safe.

I wish I could say Audrey posed for these napkins but that would mean she was paying her way around here with her modelling job and she would have none of that.
I found them in a local store and grabbed them faster than a cat on a mouse.

I'll be back with more cats to show you.
hugs, Deb


  1. Such beautiful cats! You have a big heart, Deb! God bless you, and may 2013 be a year of much joy in your life. Beth

  2. That was wonderful, I haven't seen so many cats in one blog ....for ever.

    And I love those napkins.


  3. Deb you are indeed a very lucky lady to get to visit all these gorgeous cats! I LOVE cats of course and that is why your blog is one of my favorites! Hugs, Linda

  4. You have the best job in the world even with all the scary snow driving! I love cats!! They have all ways been my best friends.

  5. I can see why you love what you are doing so much.

    They are all the same adorable!



  6. You are wonderful>>>Hugs from all of us..

    T.D and Company

  7. So many wonderful cats. Beautiful and all with unique purrsonalities! It would be impossible to choose a favorite. They are very lucky to have a caring, loving caregiver such as you. Knowing that ferals are enduring snowy cold cold weather is so hard, but at least they are getting food from you. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!!! I absolutely enjoy your blog so much!!!

  8. Beautiful photos! I'm not convinced JJ is real. What a perfectly beautiful cat. :-) I love all cats ... all animals. I've never seen one like that before. When I saw the napkins, I wondered how you'd gotten Audrey's photo on them. haha

    Happy 2013 ...

  9. It must be a hectic time of year for you and the snow is not helping! My stray Black Kitty has had his Christmas treats and was purring up a storm.

  10. It was great to see all the pictures of the cats you are so lovingly caring for. Safe driving!

  11. What beautiful furbabies! I can see why you head out in all kinds of weather :)

  12. Such cute kitties! I'd be on cloud nine seeing all those sweeties. Your job sounds amazing! :)

  13. Those floofy ones are mighty blessed you are so dedicated =)
    Those little faces are so trusting!

  14. Sooo many cat´s you have been taking care of this Catmas !
    Glad you have the retired one to drive for you :)
    Here in southwest Sweden is all the snow gone !

  15. Such beautiful cats Debbie. Wishing you and your family a Happy & Healthy New Year.

    Madelief x

  16. What a delightful labor of love you have! Thay are all beauties. You are such an angel for the ferals. Bless you and the retired guy as you make your stops. Stay safe and have a very happy 2013!

  17. I love seeing the cat clients--their personalities fit their names! You're a devoted soul for going out in a blizzard to make sure everyone is taken care of, XOXO

  18. They all are cute !!!!! My favourite photo is two kitties crossed their tail together x
    Have a fabulous holiday season, Deb

  19. Optimus --- what a handsome guy! Every time I *see* him, I sigh!!!!! I think your kitty clients love you and much as you love them! Stay warm. More tea! Hugs----

  20. Hi, I just found your blog and love it. I am a cat lover. My husband and I lost our female Persian Prissie in May. We had her 22 years and I still miss her so bad.I enjoyed looking at all the photos. What a wonderful thing you do! Blessings to you...

  21. Those cat clients and their families are so lucky to have you! Thanks for all the beautiful photos. I love the brothers with their intertwined tails, but I also LOVE Optimus!

  22. The Sumdge sure is a cutie pie. JJ is the only other ginger Persian I've seen except for Ginger Jasper, an extraordinarily beautiful and delightful kitty blogger from England who you must meet! Might you have a shot of Optimus' front feeties for us?

  23. ou must be kept busy looking after all these kitties. Aren't they all gorgeous? Sue

  24. Look at all those beautiful kitties! No wonder you keep doing what you do. I was thinking of you going out in all that snow yesterday. i'm glad you don't have to drive too too far.

  25. So many sweet kitties in your care! They are lucky you don't let the weather stop you from your tasks! You are a good woman!
    xo Catherine

  26. Wow, you are busy with all your cat visits. I am sure they are watching for you as you pull up to their houses. They are all beautiful and look healthy and content.

    Must be especially difficult in the winter months for the feral kitties- glad you are looking out for them.

  27. Oh it's just cat heaven coming to your blog! How lovely to see your clients, I wouldn't get anything else done if I had your job :O)