Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmasing up the house

I have not hung tinsel on our trees at Christmas for over 20 years. It can do serious damage to a cat's intestines, if ingested. Please avoid it if you live with cats or dogs.

Christmas is making its' way through our house now. The garland was strung on the staircase and my moveable ornaments are hung for all to enjoy. Yes, including Audrey.
"Sure beats this stupid bird tree?"

Audrey spends half the day on the stairs now. 

This year I will not be placing my Santas up the stairs as Ed uses the wall as a guide to travel up and down. He leans his body against the wall as he comes down so to give himself support because of his doofus back leg. He figured this out all by himself because my cats are the smartest in the world. ;-)

Off to cat-sit and meet a friend for coffee at our little book store. It's called Reads Book Store. Love that!
Great organic coffee, wonderful pastries and beautiful books to browse through. Aisha, the owner asks, "So, how's that cute little grand-daughter doing?" This happens to be one of Riley's favorite go-to spots.
I'm doing as much shopping in our local towns as possible this Christmas. Supporting the small local businesses is the only way to keep their doors open.  Next, it's off to Almonte's little shops to see what they have & enjoy some lunch with two ladies I need to do some catching-up with..
Enjoy your day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hey Audrey , can I come over and play with you and all that Christmas ornaments :)

  2. I wish I was coming with you!! Your day sounds like a good way to "feed the soul!" I'm counting the days until I go pick up our new cat, Rosie. The breeder informed me she's "put on weight" after spading and still being in with the nursing mama kitties! I'm wondering how she'll do with a tree...but I do know that tinsel is bad:-D

  3. I LOVE your stairway! A beautiful color and it looks gorgeous with the antique ornaments! I love that you shared this with everyone!

  4. Beautiful decorations in your house,i really like it! Audrey wil have the time of her life.One thing i don't understand,what is Tinsel?? Can you tell me ,i try to be carefull for Mikki!

  5. Lovely decorations! Love the moveable decorations and your garland on the stairway. Sounds like a lovely Holiday day with friends. Enjoy!

  6. I don't think there's been a bit of tinsel in this house for a least 20 years, too! Seeing that hanging out of a cat's butt is not my idea of Christmas decor. I just moved a cabinet and found pieces of fake ice from last Christmas under it. Hmmm - how could that get there? Your house looks lovely, stupid bird tree and all!

  7. Your home is looking good. I like the garland up the stairs. My kitty likes lying under the Christmas tree, batting at the ornaments, and going after the tissue paper in the gift bags!

  8. Lovely staircase. I just can't make myself decorate this year because I'm traveling so much for work.

  9. Lovely decorations . Sounds like a great day . I to love to shop in our local town and help keep the little shops and boutiques in business !Plus our little town is soo cute decorated for Christmas ! Main street has the carriage lamps all down it and old historical buildings that the shops are in ! Have a good day !