Monday, December 3, 2012

In the eyes of a child

Riley decorating her tree. All of her decorations go on the bottom half. Her mom says she keeps her slippers there, too.
Bradley is so fascinated by it all. He will be 3 months on Christmas day.
1st Christmas.

There are workers at a home where I am caring for cats and they were very nervous and upset when I arrived. (the cats not the workers) I expect the banging on the roof and the chatter of the men send these indoor-only cats in to a panic. All are ok, though and counted for. Little Willow was wedged in behind the Christmas tree and refused to leave her hidey-spot. I just talked to her and left her food close by. Rescue Remedy to the rescue. It's been helping them cope a bit with all the confusion. I added a few extra drops today. Renovations and cats don't usually mix well.
Meet Parker aka Parkie.

Parker is now Mr. Lovebug. I told him if his parents aren't home by tomorrow I would  like a better photo of him and he seemed quite fine with that. Then he fell over and offered me his belly again. I caved.  Then I opened his favorite can of food. He is living proof that the best way to a  male's heart is through the stomach.

The only reason I hesitated to pat his tummy yesterday is because  sometimes a cat who is very scared will offer you the tummy in its' confusion but really not accept your hand there. A quick bite will be your reward for accepting the offer. It is best to wait until you are sure that the cat is really starting to relax with you.

Meet Bagheera.
She is an only-cat who lives with a dog. I am always happy to see her as I have cared for her since 2010. She likes to be face-to-face with me and stands on a cupboard while we chat about her day.
She has mystical eyes and a magical charm. She's a hard one to leave.
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hugs, Deb


  1. I love the photo of Riley decorating the tree! Oh and little Bradley looking at the lights...priceless!

    hugs, Linda

  2. I remember our girl's first Christmases; it's magical watching their eyes take in everything. You just have the best kitty clients!

  3. Hi Deb! Oh, that's a beautiful snap of little Riley decorating her tree. I remember the days of my tree being bottom heavy! :) That look of awe in little Bradley's eyes is precious.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Do you think Bradley is going to be a big guy? He sure seems it for 3 mths. I just love seeing little ones marvelling over their tree!

  5. Love Bagheera, but then I have a soft spot for black cats. I had 2 boys, brothers,Kipper and Paddy once and loved those boys to bits.

  6. There is always so much to look at during Christmas time for wee little ones. Too cute! And your cat-sitting kitties are adorable.
    Happy Tuesday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  7. Riley and Bradley are enjoying the holidays! Such magic in a Christmas tree (for 2 leggeds and 4s)!

  8. Oh, I feel so sorry for cats living in a renovation zone. My stress reaches sky high,so theirs must be in outer space.
    Jane x

  9. your knowledge of cats in wonderful, you should write a book! What a wonderful job you have ( I know , said it before, lol) they are so lucky to have found you!
    The christmas tree photos are beautiful and the happy three month birthday to the babe!

  10. I love those pics of the kids. The one of Riley could be a Christmas card image.
    Re my post "Keepin Warm". I haven't started with any food for the strays yet as the weather hasn't been too bad. But I do have water out for them.
    Christmas preps are going great. Hey after all that wedding prep I can do Christams with one hand tied behind my back!!
    Tea sometime?

  11. Christmas with child is more funny and cool!

  12. Awww, cute photos! So exciting that it's Bradley's 1st Christmas. Seems like he enjoys looking at the lights :)

  13. I knew Parkie couldn't resist you. How could he? And boy, is he a cutie pie; one of those kitties flat look like they'll begin to speak in words at anyplace.
    I am crazy about black cats and Bagheera is no exception . There is something so beautiful, so magical in those luminous eyes. Their sleek, lustrous fur just does it for me and besides, I never met one that didn't have all the charm in the world.
    Every time we see Bradley we think he's grown! Love to you and the grands....kitties too!

  14. Beautiful children AND kitties! Seems kinda mean though, for those peeps to have workmen in when they're not home to comfort the kitties. Yay for you for bringing them some calm and comfort.

  15. Riley would make a perfect Christmas Card!!!